Niraj Mancchanda
"Mumbai is an unlucky name."

By Kavita Chhibber

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He is fast becoming a highly sought after man in high circles and Niraj Mancchanda who is an ace numerologist and combines various aspects of astrology, numerology and other tools to make highly accurate predictions, had foretold this attack on Mumbai in October 2007.

A staunch devotee of Guru Nanak Dev, Niraj had an interesting journey the night of Nov 26, when the terrorist attack happened on Mumbai.

“There was a coffee shop that was shut down at the Trident and made into a shopping arcade and I was there with my mother and sister and as we drove I told them this is the new shopping arcade and all the brands have come in. I crossed that area and was showing them around and then after that we thought we would go to Taj, and so we went there and to Colaba in the evening and then we came back to Trident around 10 p.m. but there were hardly any cars and all of Bombay looked empty. I thought there is a recession and people don’t have money to spend, so everyone has gone home early. This time for Diwali also we hardly had any celebrations.

And interestingly until I reached home I had no idea what was happening. I was having my dinner at about 11.50 p.m. when my friend called and asked if I was okay. I said I’m fine. He said what is happening in Bombay? I said Bombay is fine and he exclaimed –What are you saying? Switch on your television and see what’s going on.” That is when I found out.

I’m a devotee of Guru Nanak Dev and I consider it his blessing that not only did I not go inside those hotels, but also he spared me the anxiety of knowing about it or I would have been stressed out in traffic wanting to get home.”

Niraj points to some interesting astrological facts about the event. “26 = 2 + 6 = 8, which is the number of Saturn and if you look back December 26 (2004) was when the Tsunami struck; January 26 (2001) was the Kutch earthquake in Gujarat; February 26 (2002) the S-6 compartment of the Sabarmati Express caught fire in Godhra; June 26 (2006) was the Gujarat floods; July 26 (2008) was the Mumbai train blasts; September 26 (2008) was the Ahmedabad bomb blasts; and November 26 (2008) was bomb blast in Mumbai. Ever thought why all these happen on 26th?

Because 2 is the number of the moon and 6 is the number of Venus and the Moon and Venus make a yog of illusion, either it creates attraction or destroys as it combines to make number 8. This is why number 8, the number of Saturn, becomes ruthless when it combines with 2 and 6 than a single 8 and 17. Thus, we see all kinds of destructions happening on the 26th.Similarly 4 is number of Rahu or Uranus and creates problems.”

Niraj also says that the worst thing that has happened is the name change of the city from Bombay to Mumbai. “Bombay earlier came up to the number of Venus and everyone loved to come here and Bombay too was thriving and became the most renowned city and had tremendous growth, Its being renamed Mumbai-adds up to number 18 which indicates danger from the five elements of nature and you can see how rains have been pelting Bombay, the destruction from fire in the recent attacks and I won’t be surprised if there are earthquakes and tornadoes making their way to Mumbai. Kashmir too comes under the same number and Kashmir too has faced similar problems.

If they add another “A” to Mumbai, it will add up to number 19 which is the number of the rising sun and you will see a new growth in Bombay and the negativity will go away. The vibrations have affected the people also. I have so many clients who come to me because of excessive stress in their lives and their personal relationships being badly affected in spite of outwardly looking successful and happy.

India and the world will see a slow down as the next year 2009-adds up to 11 which is a number of illusion-so things will not be as they seem. India will do better than other countries but the real estate will be down by 50 percent, the stock market will see major ups and down and until the year 2017, when a new cycle starts, things will not be as extraordinary as expected and no, India will not be the next super power in the next 9 years. The new name and negative vibrations have ruined Bombay in every possible way. While I look at mundane astrology while predicting the future of a city or country-the name and the vastu of the city or country is of the greatest importance.

India adds up to a number 12-people who dabble in numerology will say oh it adds up to the number 3 the number of Jupiter, but I look at it as number 12 which is the number of compromise. Next year be prepared to see the opposite of whatever it is that you are expecting to happen.”

On a personal level Niraj was scathing in his comments on the corruption that is key to the apathy India shows when it comes to terrorism.

“There is also an arrogance where the Bombay police considers it self the best and so when the Gujarat police warned them a month before the attacks happened that they had reason to believe something like this was going to occur and to be vigilant, the Bombay Police didn’t pay attention-its like we are the best, who are you to tell us what to do.

The security in these big hotels is a joke. I have been to all the top five star hotels in Bombay, be it the Marriot or the Taj or Oberoi and they just ask to check your dickie (trunk) and bonnet- and will not look inside. I once cornered a security guy and said why aren’t you looking inside the car? I may be carrying a bomb or big guns and he said-Sir we have only been asked to look at the back and the front of the car.

The politicians are so corrupt. They work not towards improving the infrastructure but in promoting the growth of corruption. Today even if you have to get a small deal done you cannot get it done without paying bribes. The corporate heads are to be blamed as well. They fund these deals. That is why they will be ready to talk about any topic but if you ask them to comment on a minister they stall. That is because they know they have to deal with this ministers later to get their work done.

Look at the roads in Bombay. They are awful. When the floods came I had water up to my thighs when I went to the Gurudawara. What took me 10 minutes now took 90 and that is because while South Bombay was built by the British and has a dual drainage system, the new part of Bombay has been approved by corrupt politicians and the drainage system was blocked with no back up and all the filth was filling up the street and the water had nowhere to flow through. And this is just one small example.”

Niraj says this attack has in a way really opened the eyes of the elite in Bombay, and that is the only reason why he is hopeful things will change.

“Earlier these people attacked the common man, and no once cared when the common man cried for change. But now they attacked the corporate world, the big people, and the ministers, the industrialists who are always at the Taj and the Oberoi and Nariman House. The damage to Taj has directly impacted the Tatas and has forced Ratan Tata to acknowledge in an interview that we really need to change the government. Until now it was the general public who was saying that but no one cared and the govt. did nothing; but now the big corporate heads are saying it, so it has become a big issue for the government and that is why the heads have rolled.”

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