Niraj Mancchanda
"When you keep an open mind, you always gain."

By Kaveta A Chhibber



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He has made a name for himself as an ace numerologist, but Niraj Mancchanda says what has stood him in good stead is his never ending desire to evolve in all areas of his life, his curiosity and desire to go beyond his craft and keep an open mind about everything.

“I look it at this way. If learning a new science can enhance my ability to help others and grow in my work, why not? Before I started my work in numerology, I had been a Reiki practitioner, so I know a lot about Reiki, but I found it too be very time consuming. At any time, you need at least 90 minutes to work on one client if not more. Trying to find a better way to cleanse my charkas took me to pranic healing which is an amazing technique.

How much skepticism does he face from people, and how many of his clients follow his instructions?

“I think the biggest problem with people in India is their fear of what others will say, if they suddenly change the spelling of their name. Sometimes their parents shoot down the suggestion and in spite of being grown up adults they are afraid of displeasing their parents and will continue to struggle rather than benefit from what I have suggested. I have so many clients who have seen their life change, things move faster, when they have made the changes I have asked them to. But there have also been others who have hesitated or reverted back to their original name, and then continued to struggle.”

Niraj says the only way someone can benefit is by keeping an open mind, trying out and experimenting seriously with the suggestions given and then pass judgment and above all have faith that Niraj knows what he is doing. “ Everyone is gifted in their own way. My gift is that I can look into the future and make predictions and also offer solutions. A wise person will look at the problem and ask for the solution. Some one with an ego or lack of faith will not. Then I can’t help them. I fondly remember one of my clients who trusts me so much that she attributes the complete changes in her life to me. I tell her that her faith is working even better than numerology this time!”

Niraj also says that many people do not understand the power of mantras and also pray to the wrong Gods for what they need in life. “ People don’t realize that the way you pronounce a name, the way you recite a mantra, and who you pray to, can make a huge difference. For example, if you pray to Lord Ganesha, for money, you aren’t going to get it, because Ganesha presides over intellect, Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, and you need to pray to her. Similarly Shiva and Parvati should be prayed to for a happy married life because in every incarnation they chose each other.”

What does he think of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra? There are many who believe in it and others say it doesn’t work. “Even at the most mundane level, I can tell you, both make you feel better. And if you feel at peace, joyful, calm and happy in your surroundings, then all areas of your life will benefit from it. But you must try it out, experience it and then decide if it works for you or not. These things have been handed down to us from the great sages and learned masters, so there must be a reason for that.”

How does one find a good astrologer?

“By getting referrals and finding proof that this person really knows what he is talking about. I would say don’t even listen to your doctor blindly. Do your own research and make sure that the treatment he is recommending is the right one. I have seen plenty of people pretending to be something other than what they are, and not just in astrology. I once had a journalist come to me and ask me all sorts of questions on numerology and the next thing I knew he had a column claiming to be a numerologist who had been practicing since the age of fourteen. So you have to be very careful.”

How many celebrities believe in astrology and numerology?

“You will be surprised at the number and also surprised by how gullible they are. Many of them will go to just anybody, without checking their credentials. Then of course very few have the courage to openly admit they believe in it but the number of stars and other successful people who have changed the spelling of their names is proof enough that there is a lot of respect for this science. I only say that make sure you are in the right hands, and if you keep an open mind you will always gain.”


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As we glance up at the night sky, we see the distant glow emitted from neighboring planets and far away stars. The light from these heavenly bodies can take millions of years to reach our eyes. As such, the universe allows us a glimpse into the past. As these bodies move over time, the future also reveals itself. The planetary and stellar formations at the time of our birth can thereby contain information about our history as well as our future.

The science and art of astrology can thus give us powerful insight into our potential for success and failure in all walks of life.

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