The Birth and Destiny Numbers in Numerology


By Kavita Chhibber



While most numerologists say that the birth number, i.e your date of birth is the most important aspect to predict events in your life, many others insist that one must take the name number-that is the number that your name adds up to, and your destiny number which  adds up your date, month and year of birth as well, into consideration.


Since your birth and destiny numbers cannot be changed, many astrologers and numerologists will ask you to change your name number to make it vibrate in a positive way with your destiny and birth number to maximize the potential in your chart.


I see a lot of people from the film industry and the corporate world making necessary changes to their names based on numerology. Many from the film fraternity name their films with certain letters that harmonize with their own birth and destiny numbers. They choose houses whose home number vibrates well with their own birth and destiny numbers as well.


Interestingly I have tried to look back and see all the house numbers that I could remember where my folks lived and later where I lived and strangely, I did very well in homes that vibrated with my birth number. The homes where I didn’t do well added up to numbers that were not considered lucky for me. Coincidence? May be-or may be not!


Many numerologists say they can add up your name and destiny numbers and give you a pretty good picture of your past and how to use the good times in the future based on your statistics to your advantage along with lying low during the negative cycles. While most astrologers say you cannot totally eradicate negative cycles, certain chanting of mantras, wearing certain gemstones, can decrease the ill effects of those cycles. Personally, I think being forewarned is indeed forearmed. If you know things aren’t going to go well, then you not only handle the situation with more courage and patience, you also appreciate the positive in your life much more.

I still find numerology to be a small aspect of astrological calculations. The most important thing at least in my own personal experience has been the astrological birth chart which is based on the date, time and place of birth of an individual. But creating positive vibrations by aligning other aspects always adds to the positive energy.


The following numbers are attached to each letter of your name-You can add up the letters and reach the total sum.











In the next issue I will talk about what adding these numbers would imply.

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