Astrology - Part XI

The Effects of Jupiter in Different Signs

By Kavita Chhibber

Jupiter usually rules ethics, religion and philosophy as well as higher education. It shows what kind of karmic goodwill or debts an individual has reaped from past deeds. It also shows a person’s ability to be compassionate and generous. Following are the effects of Jupiter in each sign. 

Jupiter in Aries: This gives leadership ability especially in the religious and philosophical fields. It also gives the ability to overcome great obstacles and accomplish success in things others would not touch. When afflicted it can make the person egoistical, pompous and rash. It can cause loss in finance through wrong or fool hardy investments.

The affliction can also make the person prone to diabetes, brain congestion, and dizzy spells. People with Jupiter in Aries should get plenty of fresh air.

Jupiter in Taurus: This position makes a person a careful spender and gives spiritual maturity. This position attracts wealth easily and people with this combination usually have elegant tastes. It gives a kind and sympathetic nature, and gains from marriage.

When afflicted it can make a person prone to dissipation, jealousy, self indulgence and losses in marriage. It affects the throat area adversely.

Jupiter in Gemini: This position indicates a resourceful nature, kind and charitable and a tendency to two marriages. There will be an interest in history, law and the ability to come with fresh, new and creative ideas. It gives mastery in more than one area of education and academics. There will be many friends and this combination makes people great commentators and record keepers. Many teachers and people in the media and communication industry have this combination.

When afflicted it can make the person shallow and critical. It can adversely affect the lungs and liver. 

Jupiter in Cancer:  This position gives a good childhood and a parental influence that instills good ethical and social values. Gains from real estate, housing, farming, food products is indicated. People with this combination are idealists by nature, with strong intuitive abilities. When afflicted there can be excessive emotional outbursts, over indulgence in food and material things. The affliction can affect stomach, kidneys and cause poor circulation.

Jupiter in Leo: It makes the person an optimist and easy going, sincere, honest and generous with a lot of energy. There will be a tendency to do things in a grand style and to always their way. There is a love for children and a fondness for the stock market.

If afflicted it can make the person arrogant, and gives losses in speculative ventures and love, making one lazy and careless. It affects the intestines and liver adversely.

Jupiter in Virgo: This combination makes the person detail oriented and a tendency to be a workaholic. The nature is cautious and reserved and the person is picky about friends. It gives tremendous intelligence and the ability to get down to the core of any major project easily. Religion to such people means service-they are not ritualistic.

If afflicted one can become cynical and unsettled and scattered. It affects the liver and may give jaundice and liver diseases.

Jupiter in Libra: This placement gives an interest in law and justice as well as balance and a love for peace and harmony. It makes the person charitable and fond of music and art. It gives gains through the opposite sex, powerful friends and a good social circle and through hospitals, commerce, sciences along with a happy marriage.

If afflicted it makes the person promise more than he can do, and brings stress from the opposite sex, jealousies, and losses from carelessness. It affects blood circulation and kidneys and the pancreas.

Jupiter in Scorpio: It gives the person involvement in big corporate projects, long foreign journeys and interest in the occult. Such people have deep emotions and can be very intense and uncompromising. They can be very vindictive if crossed. If afflicted it gives loss of children and danger from water and while traveling. It affects the heart adversely, gives hereditary and private organ diseases.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: Gives a kind and courteous nature, humor, loyalty and sincerity. It gives honors and gain through speculation, literary ability, marriage and journeys. There will be an interest in foreign cultures. The thinking is deep and such people create their own ethical and moral code. If afflicted it can make the person narrow minded and rigid and inflicts rheumatism and gout.

Jupiter in Capricorn: It makes one ambitious, thoughtful though a bit cold. It gives good organizing ability, success in public enterprises. The values are conservative and traditional, and people with this combination may be mature and sensible but not imaginative and creative to a great extent. There is a need for power and status and they work hard for it, but may end up neglecting their home and family.

If afflicted Jupiter’s placement here makes the person miserly and cold, gives discredit in profession and hurts from close friends. It affects the liver and digestion. 

Jupiter in Aquarius: Jupiter’s placement here gives gains from social, educational and philosophical pursuits along with good friends. It gives original and progressive views, psychic experiences and gains from foreigners. It makes a person very accepting of others.

When afflicted it can make people foolhardy, involved in unworthy causes and unreliable. It affects the leg region, blood circulation and makes one prone to palpitation and heart trouble.

Jupiter in Pisces: This placement makes one intuitive, and spiritual. The nature is psychic and often dreams come true. It inclines to gains and high honors. It gives many travels and gains from hospitals, water and academics.

If afflicted it can give losses through deception and speculation, a fickle disposition and a self doubting cowardly nature. It affects the glands and causes swellings.

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