The Effects of Jupiter in Different Houses

By Kavita Chhibber

Jupiter is considered the greatest benefic in Indian astrology. When well placed in the chart, Jupiter bestows all blessings upon the person, from luck, good progeny, name and fame along with wealth, a long and prosperous life. It gives travels, property and all kinds of expansion.

Following are the effects of Jupiter in different houses.

Jupiter in the first house: If well placed, it gives a long and happy life, vitality, good health, the ability to look at life in a balanced way. It gives a lot of success, good education, a deeply philanthropic and generous nature and more male children.

If afflicted it is bad for health and wealth.

Jupiter in the second house: this placement gives happiness in the family, good education, gains through people in high places, and contract work. There will also be gain from speculative ventures, ability to be convincing in arguments and negotiations, and gains from business. If afflicted it affects financial status adversely, creates misunderstandings and obstacles and disturbs family life.

Jupiter in the third house: Jupiter in the third house makes the person economical, gives good siblings, happiness in personal life, travel and good writing abilities. If the planet is afflicted then it gives problems with digestion, troubles with the opposite sex, financial tensions, stress with siblings and neighbors, and increases risks of accidents. It also gives losses from carelessness.

Jupiter in the fourth house: When well placed, it gives good education, landed property, a clean and generous heart and a very comfortable life. It also gives great success and eminence, gains from family and success in the country of birth. Life is usually without major ups and downs, and gains through real estate.

When afflicted it gives interrupted education, chest infections, delay in birth of children, danger of loss from fire and sudden heart trouble.

Jupiter in the fifth house: If well placed it give success to and happiness from children, gains from speculative ventures, success in maters of the heart, and great academic and professional recognition. It gives luck, help from people in high places, maturity and wisdom. If afflicted it affects the stomach region, gives loss of first child or difficult or delayed pregnancies. It also affects fortune and causes many ups and downs.

Jupiter in the sixth house: this placement makes the person well loved and successful. It gives a highly accomplished partner and success in a medical profession. It gives a charming personality and gains through maternal relatives. If afflicted it can give a sluggish circulatory system and liver, a tendency to be emotionally unbalanced, and diseases that were not diagnosed in time. It affects vitality and digestive powers.

Jupiter in the seventh house: If well placed gives a very happy marriage, gains from business partnerships and foreign travel. If afflicted it causes troubles in the above mentioned things.

Jupiter in the eight house: It gives occult and psychic interests, makes the person humble and hard working and always ready to help others. There will be sudden divine help when he needs it, and life will be comfortable and long. When afflicted it gives chronic diseases, stress from family and friends, and financial losses due to loved ones taking advantage of him. It also affects the heart adversely and gives infections and blood disorders.

Jupiter in the ninth house: It is one of the best places for Jupiter to be in and it makes the person exceptionally lucky. It gives prosperity of all kinds and makes the person very spiritual in later years, along with acquiring great leadership qualities. If afflicted it gives loose morals, troubles from enemies and all kinds of obstacles to success.

Jupiter in the tenth house: When well placed, it gives tremendous wealth, gains from the government, prosperity, name and fame, and property. If afflicted, it affects professional life, giving sudden loses and demotions, troubles from subordinates and differences with father.

Jupiter in the eleventh house; It gives a large income , wealth and business success as well as political success. When afflicted it limits progeny and when by itself Jupiter affects adversely the inflow of gains and wealth- it also gives losses from being stubborn or confrontational.

Jupiter in the twelfth house: When well placed it gives detachment and a deeply spiritual nature, a tendency to be reclusive. It gives foreign travel and residence, ups and downs but failures will be topped by success eventually. When afflicted it gives a dual nature, a tendency to be dishonest, affects health and losses from unsavory interests.

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