The Effects of Kethu in Different Houses

By Kavita Chhibber

As I mentioned in my piece on Rahu in the previous issue, Rahu and Ketu are also known as Dragon’s head and Dragon’s tail. They are considered the nodes of Moon, or shadowy planets because they don’t have physical bodies. The two planets move backwards or are retrograde and give sudden and unexpected happenings in life. Their effects are modified for better or for worse depending on if they are by themselves or conjoined with other planets. Usually the effects of Rahu are considered like that of Saturn and Ketu like that of Mars, although some astrologers also think that Kethu is like Mercury and gives only half the results if by itself in any house.

Following are the effects of Kethu in various houses in the Horoscope. This is basic information and all planets are affected by  degree, conjuctions, aspects on them, placement among other things.

Kethu in the First House: The person has a sharp intelligence but if Jupiter or Mercury doesn’t aspect the planet, the full potential of the person may not be fulfilled. It gives restlessness, discontentment and in spite of hard work, struggles continue financially. In Capricorn, Scorpio, Aries and Aquarius when the position will be less detrimental, Kethu tends to create many problems. It affects conjugal happiness also. A person with this placement is often exploited by others.

Kethu in second House: It gives financial ups and downs, health troubles in the throat and dental region, obstructs education and makes the person inclined to use foul language when angry... Family tensions will abound. If Kethu is strong and well placed then there will be opposite results and many financial gains.

Kethu in the third house: This placement makes the person strong and intelligent, with a lot of mental and physical toughness, but also mental stress due to disputes that occur from time to time. It gives success and long life but the upper part of body especially the arms may be prone to injury.

Kethu in the fourth House: Unless Kethu is well placed, it can give losses through real estate, affect mother’s health adversely. It affects studies and causes family tension and breaks in education.

Kethu in the fifth house: This will give loss of first pregnancy to a woman unless husband’s horoscope is strong. Even then it will give a difficult pregnancy or difficult delivery. It makes one prone to stomach troubles also if badly placed, and affects relationships with children.

Kethu in the sixth house: This gives strength, determination, name and fame. A person with this placement can overcome any adversity or opposition. It does predispose the person to piles and fistula or other private organ infection and affects eye sight adversely. Early childhood is usually not happy.

Kethu in the seventh house: This gives danger from water and gives attachment to a partner not accepted by family. It can also give hernia or other intestinal infections. Stomach area is weak. It gives mental worry, losses from theft, but Kethu in Scorpio in the seventh will be beneficial.

Kethu in the eight house: Unless in one of its benefic signs, this position affects longevity adversely. It gives financial losses, quarrels and opposition from loved ones. If Kethu is well placed in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Scorpio it will give gains. Ailments in the area ruled by the sign Kethu is in, in the eighth house will occur. There will a be a tendency to have extra marital flings. It also makes a person accident prone.

Kethu in the ninth house: Gives troubles to father and paternal relations, but gains from foreigners. Affects family ties adversely especially with male siblings. If joined with a benefic the negative effects will lessen.

Kethu in the tenth house: This gives popularity, brilliance and stamina. The person will always overcome his/her ill wishers and will travel far and wide.

Kethu in the eleventh: This gives financial gains but affects progeny adversely. Number of children may also be limited.

Kethu in the twelfth house: This is an adverse location for finances. Conjugal happiness is impaired.

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