Astrology - Part XVII

The Effects of Mars in Different Houses

By Kavita Chhibber

The planet Mars if prominent and well placed in a chart gives a strong and energetic personality, endurance and self confidence, generosity and a resourceful nature. When badly placed, it can give a predisposition to accidents, inflammatory ailments, violent and excessively emotional nature, litigation among other things, and a tendency to be rash.

Mars rules Tuesday, the zodiac sign Aries and Scorpio, shades of red and orange and is a hot, fiery, and masculine planet. Its stone is red coral.

Following are the effects of Mars in different houses.

Mars in the first house: If well placed it gives the person a youthful appearance, courage, and a strong willed and ambitious nature. There may also be a scar on the body part ruled by Mars. The person will be athletic and muscular; many police officers are found with a strong Mars in ascendant or 10th house. It gives the person great stamina and energy, and the ability to be very successful.

If afflicted it can give head injuries, mental break downs and a tendency to get into brawls. Unless Mars is strong or in its own sign it can affect longevity. It also affects matrimonial happiness.

Mars in the second house: It gives wealth through legacies and marrying into an affluent family when well placed, wealth and a materialistic streak. This is a good placement for success and gains from metal or manufactured goods which use metal. It also gives foreign residence. People with this placement do better when self employed than when they are working for someone else.

When afflicted it gives eye and ear trouble, losses by theft, fraud and disharmony in family life.

Mars in the third house: When well placed, this position gives intelligence, money and endurance and younger brothers but relationship with them may be fiery. If not well placed it can give fractures and tensions with mother- it also gives broken education, accidents while traveling and suicidal tendencies. Such people can do well in work related to the public or media because of good debating skills, but they can also become argumentative if the planet is badly placed.

Mars in the fourth house: If well placed it gives a lot of property and a flair for math, science and technology` along with the possibility of foreign residence. Over all however it is not a good position to have as it affects home life adversely and causes illness to children. There is a likelihood of stomach and chest ailments and property losses through fire, theft, fraud and quarrels. There will also be a tendency for extra-marital affairs. If afflicted by Saturn, Rahu or Ketu, this placement can cause a sudden and unnatural death.

Mars in the fifth house: Unless well placed this position can cause loss of first child, and financial losses, private organ and stomach ailments like ulcers and an aggressive sexual nature. If Mars is badly placed it can give many extra marital affairs and illegitimate children, and losses by speculative ventures.

When well placed it gives success and athletic ability-such people are fond of children and good teachers and mentors. A strong combination gives success with sculpting, architectural work and anything that requires use of metal.

Mars in the sixth house: It is a strong placement for Mars and gives success against ill wishers, good digestive abilities, unexpected financial gains, and fame. There may be some inflammatory infections and stress to maternal relatives. It gives gains from engineering and technology driven careers.

If afflicted it can give death through surgery gone wrong, losses, unexpected trouble, hurts and losses through animals.

Mars in the seventh house: When ill placed this creates troubles in married life and personal relationships and gives losses through business partnerships, humiliation on account of the opposite sex and danger of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. This position affects relationship with father adversely and affects health and wealth, giving an aggressive and easy to anger partner.

In female charts this placement can give sudden death or severe accident for husband. Horoscopes have to usually be matched for people with this placement in their chart. When well placed it gives gains from cooperative ventures, but still more than one serious relationship.

Mars in the eight house: Mars in the 8th unless in its own house or exalted is not considered auspicious. It gives inflammatory diseases, sudden accidents and death, debts and mental distress and legal troubles.

Mars in the ninth house: If well placed it makes the person a pioneer, a philosopher, a traveler and a supporter of higher learning and initiatives for bettering the lives of humanity. Such people can make good social activists and lawyers as well as leaders who can inspire others to follow their path. When badly placed it can make the person narrow minded, fanatical and annoying to others. It can give litigations, trouble while traveling and disruption of personal life. It can give premature death of younger brother and inharmonious relations with him.

Mars in the tenth house: When well placed it’s a powerful position and gives tremendous gains through business, politics and technical/medicine/hardware/real estate/ oriented businesses and careers. It gives great leadership qualities but affects relationship with father. Gains from fire, copper, and metal are indicated; armed forces is a good career option for people with this placement.

If afflicted this placement can make the person radical and affects career and academics adversely. There may be a desire to use unfair means to achieve success, and a bad reputation and sudden fall from the top will be the outcome as a result.

Mars in the eleventh house: It gives wealth but affects children adversely. It makes the person move in high circles and gives influential friends-gains from metal, land and business related to these two especially, apart from other gains. The number of friends is limited and if afflicted, friends may cause major losses and injury by betraying the person.

Mars in the twelfth house: This gives a difficult childhood, injuries and troubles to the body part indicated by the sign Mars is in. It makes the person intense, and prone to feeling unappreciated and thus depressed as a consequence. A badly placed Mars here can cause injury and bad reputation along with long hospitalization and legal troubles. Such people will be secretive, will have secret liaisons and will be loners most of the time.

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