Astrology - Part X

The Effects of Mercury in Different Signs

By Kavita Chhibber

Mercury rules mental power, vigor, intelligence and memory. It is a dual sign and quicksilver in action.
Following are the effects of Mercury in each sign.

In Aries: It gives quick mental grasp but a changeable disposition, tendency to be a worrier, and a fondness for literary pursuits. It makes a person argumentative, and impulsive but also creative and original. There will be a tendency to be impatient when it comes to delays and obstacles and if Mercury is afflicted it makes the person irritable, prone to headaches, dizzy spells and stress.

In Taurus: It makes the person practical and materialistic, and blessed with common sense. There will be a natural aptitude for administrative work. People born with this combination take their time to decide and then will seldom change their mind. Usually pleasant, they can focus well and are very creative and statistics oriented. When afflicted it can make the person stubborn, willful, stingy and obstinate, and causes infection in the throat and urinary organs.

In Gemini: It makes the person realistic, clever, intuitive, fond of change, travel and versatile in general. It gives scientific brilliance, knowledge of many subjects, and great ability to communicate both verbally and while writing. It is however important for people with this combination to take time out to decompress or their nerves get affected. This is one of the best positions to be in for Mercury.
When afflicted it gives irritability, a whiny disposition, and an increased propensity for asthma and bronchial infections.

In Cancer: It gives a retentive memory, good intuition and an emotional nature. One learns by sound intuition and instincts. It also makes a person susceptible to emotional blackmail. Gains can be attained from restaurants and real estate.
When afflicted it gives stomach, sexual and nervous disorders.

In Leo: It gives a generous, intuitive, ambitious and confident personality. The nature will be kind, generous and noble with good administrative ability. The ability to impact people and inspire them is strong. It gives good teaching and nurturing ability and gains from artistic pursuits, travel and stock market.
If afflicted it makes the person eccentric and speculative, and overtly intense. It can affect the heart and back region.

In Virgo: It gives good intellect, and memory, inventive and academic ability, and a tendency to be very detail oriented. There is a fondness for math, and to be sober and deep, an analytical mind and great efficiency. Gains are indicated from medical related fields, as well as fields requiring precision of detail. When afflicted it give a tendency to doing too many things at a time and affects the lower part of the body adversely.

In Libra: It gives balance, good judgment, keen intuition and many psychologists, media personnel and lawyers have this combination in their charts. It makes the person good at communicating, fair in his/her dealings. People with this placement are generally good at both counseling and working as mediators and middlemen. They are graceful and refined and dislike crudity and coarseness of any kind. When afflicted Venus can create an imbalance and dishonesty in the nature and affects the kidney region, the reproductive organs and eyes.

In Scorpio: It gives mental strength, stubbornness and determination, great enthusiasm, some tension with loved ones from time to time, and popularity with the opposite sex. The mind is sharp, intuitive and insightful. Such people are outspoken and blunt. They are also reserved and take their time to trust others, and can overcome anything they set their mind to. People with this combination do well in research oriented careers, and can be pioneers in their chosen field. If afflicted Mercury’s placement in Scorpio can create sexual deviants, affect the nervous system and can cause a stroke or paralysis.

In Sagittarius: It gives the ability to predict things before they happen, a good gut instinct, and the ability to say it as it is. This placement makes the person traditional, at times to the point of being hypocritical and following the herd mentality without thinking about the issues themselves.
If afflicted, it can make the person rash, changeable, unnecessarily sarcastic and gives a tendency to weakness in the hip region.

In Capricorn: This position gives clarity and logical thinking, a diplomatic and cautious disposition, good organizing ability, and a careful and economic nature. There will be a desire to be well to do and they will work hard and do whatever it takes to reach that goal. There is a gift for business and sciences and a tendency to stick to the traditional path academically and professionally. The nature is practical when Mercury is placed in this sign.
If afflicted this position makes the person greedy and self absorbed, suspicious and melancholy, jealous and spiteful. It gives rheumatism, gout, sensitive skin and intestinal troubles.

In Aquarius: It makes the person open minded and unbiased. Nothing shocks people who have this placement in their chart. There is a deep spiritual consciousness and the ability to accept the inevitable or what is beyond their control. This combination enhances a person’s psychic ability. Many humanitarians are also born with this placement in their chart. There will be a fondness for intellectual company, older people and group activities...
If afflicted it makes one flaky and vague, gives a sluggish blood circulation, hysterical tendencies, body aches and heart palpitations.

In Pisces: This placement makes a person imaginative, with powerful visual and artistic skills, and a very strong gut instinct. It gives rise to poetic and literary talents, and a flair for the arts. If afflicted it can make the person indecisive, and a hypochondriac, and gives a tendency to take everything personally. It gives sensitive skin and weakness in the lower legs and feet, as well as stress headaches.

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