The Effect of Mercury in Different Houses

By Kavita Chhibber

The planet Mercury is a quick silver planet and rules intelligence, ability to speak well and educational pursuits. People with Mercury prominent in their chart are often involved with the media.

Following are the effects of Mercury in different houses.

Mercury in the first house: If mercury is well placed, it makes the person intelligent, a good speaker and well versed in debate. It gives literary and mathematical abilities, a large family and foreign residence. It gives the person a good sense of humor and makes him/her quick witted, and quick to act.

When Mercury is with Venus it gives musical abilities and with Mars engineering skills. Sun with Mercury gives rise to Budha aditya yoga and in a good combination can give tremendous success in intellectual pursuits and profession. In the 5th house it can give twins. With Jupiter‘s aspect or conjunction one can be a good astrologer or writer.

When afflicted it can give nervous disorders and gambling and dishonest tendencies.

Mercury in the 2nd house: Mercury’s placement in the 2n house when well placed makes the person a good manager; diplomacy and success through his/her own efforts. Mercury joined with Saturn, Rahu or Ketu can give problems with speech or nervous troubles unless in a good house. If well placed Mercury in the 2nd house gives a large family.

When badly placed, it can give trouble in the throat region and tendency to lie or be unreliable.

Mercury in the third house: Mercury well placed in the third house increases longevity and gives good siblings. It gives many short travels and the person will do very well in business and in understanding astrology. If badly placed in can cause breaks in education and mental stress, as well as trouble in the arm region.

Mercury in the fourth house: It gives gains from property, legacies and education when well placed. It also gives financial windfalls ability to be an excellent writer and scientist. It gives public success.

When badly placed it gives domestic troubles and losses from fraudulent actions, unreliable friend and family, gains through dishonest means.

Mercury in the fifth house: When well placed Mercury in the 5th house can give twins, and a large family. It also gives a very sharp mind and a brilliant intellect, and gains from speculative ventures, investments. When badly placed can cause mental anxieties, scandals, stomach troubles as well as mental breakdowns, and losses through speculative ventures.

Mercury in the sixth house: This position is not good unless Mercury is well placed. It makes the person work very hard and also gives a tendency to mental breakdowns, surgical operations and trouble in the lower pelvic region. There can be strokes, or paralysis.

Mercury in the seventh house: If well placed here, Mercury gives an intellectual partner, gain from partnerships and many travels, along with name and fame. The spouse will be attractive and from a well to do family. When badly placed Mercury can cause trouble in married life and losses through cooperative ventures. It also creates troubles through the written word, documents, and contractual agreements.

Mercury in the eight house: When well placed Mercury here gives great financial success, interest in psychic phenomena, and a good status in life. If badly placed it gives inflammatory and respiratory troubles, financial ups and downs and nervous disorders and health problems.

Mercury in the ninth house: If well placed it gives wealth, gains from long distance travel, gains from business and as an arbitrator. Gains from intellectual and academic pursuits and good fortune in general.

When afflicted or weak Mercury’s placement here can give troubles while traveling, accidents as well as insecurities and uncertainty in life.

Mercury in the 10th house: When well placed gives tremendous intellect, professional gains and success in anything the person undertakes. There will be gains from business, and people in high places, along with good endurance and strength to do well. There will be gains from real estate.

If badly placed, it will give academic and professional ups and downs along with troubles to father.

Mercury in eleventh house: If well placed this position of Mercury gives tremendous wealth, fame and a long life, good partner and children. The person’s ill wishers will never get the better of him. It gives gains from people in high places.

If badly placed it gives bad friends who will let the person down, and losses through wrong decisions are indicated.

Mercury in the 12th house: This placement gives a tendency to be reclusive, an inclination towards spirituality and a desire to work in isolation, along with sudden windfalls. If badly placed it gives a huge fall from a high position and humiliation at the hands of others. There is possibility of loss of reputation through underhand deals and scandals.

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