Astrology - Part VII

The Effects of the Moon in Different Signs

By Kavita Chhibber

The relationship between planets, the signs and the houses they are positioned in and how they aspect each other plays an important part in determining a person’s mental and psychological make up and which aspects of his/her life will be affected adversely or positively.


Astrologers divide the month in to two fortnights-the bright half when the Moon is waxing and the dark half when it is on the wane. The lustrous Moon is considered strong and auspicious, the waning Moon is considered weak and evil. Moon absorbs the qualities of other planets very easily and so the results of its effects in different signs will be modified by other planets joined or aspecting Moon in that sign.


Following are the effects of Moon in different signs:


Moon in Aries: This gives a good complexion, makes the person emotionally volatile and impulsive with a tendency to jump into things without giving due consideration. It makes the person temperamental, independent, and prone to doing things his own way not allowing interference or advice from others. There will be a tendency to be dominating, and influenced by loved ones and hypersensitive. The knee area may be weak, and there will be danger from water.


Moon in Taurus: This gives a tendency to go after security both emotional and financial, a levelheaded approach and a lot of common sense. Such people have the persistence to follow through on whatever they begin, and to attract wealth. People with Moon in this sign are fond of good food and a stable domestic life. If Moon is afflicted there will be a tendency to be lazy and stubborn, unwilling to change. The chest will be broad or well-developed, gains will occur during middle and second half of life, and there will be some mark on the side of the body.


Moon in Gemini: This position makes people indecisive, talkative, and very over analytical to the extent that often they do not know what they want. They are restless, and travel and change residence quite often, and spread themselves too thin. They often do not follow through and complete what they begin but they are quick-witted and manage. If the moon is afflicted here, they tend to have a very superficial approach to life. Attachment to someone other than mother or having two mothers is indicated.


Moon in Cancer: This position make the person a leader, deeply attached to mother, and very receptive to good or bad vibrations. At times such people may see offence where there is none, and become over sensitive. There will be more daughters than sons, foreign residence, a creative imagination and difficulties in life.


Moon in Leo: This position makes the person proud, dramatic, and fond of being in the lime light. Such people need a lot of affection and attention and excel in jobs related to entertainment and children and fond of beauty and art. Teeth may require care.


Moon in Virgo: This gives a meticulous and hard working personality, shyness and to want to stay behind the scenes. The nature is forbearing and compassionate and such people are usually prosperous.

Moon in Libra: This placement makes a person very sensitive and tuned into others, but also affected adversely or positively by what close friends and loved ones thinks of the native, and adverse reactions can affect the health for such people. Charming and elegant their homes are always a warm haven for those who know them. On the positive side, these people are always warm and gracious but on the negative side, others can easily influence them. This gives close ties in partnership and with the maternal side of the family. It also gives more than one serious relationship.


Moon in Scorpio: This is the weakest placement for moon and affects fertility in women and gives a tendency to mental disorders, tensions and extramarital relations and trouble with or on account of relatives, as well as financial ups and downs. There is a tendency to brood and to control others through subtle means, and a definite motive behind every action even though it may not be apparent to others.


Moon in Sagittarius: This gives idealism and and an affectionate nature, and a tendency to be unrealistic. There will be a strong attachment to traditional, religious or philosophical beliefs, a fondness for travel and possibility of foreign residence. It gives athletic abilities and gains from water. If afflicted it can give a narrow-minded outlook towards life.


Moon in Capricorn: This placement gives prominent veins, a tall lean body usually, an aptitude for music, a tendency to catch colds easily, and unorthodox relationships. The nature is usually reserved and cautious and a tendency to take life too seriously. The person will usually be materialistic and will work very hard towards financial and professional success. At times hypersensitive, such people can over react to criticism.


Moon in Aquarius: This placement makes the person humane and a great friend, as well as intuitive. They are independent and bohemian in their life styles and tend to have unusual family arrangements and a tendency to stay single for fear of loss of the personal freedom that is so important to them.


Moon in Pisces: This placement gives a flair for arts and crafts and artisanship, a religious bend of mind and musical abilities. There may be sudden financial windfalls, and frequent travels. The nature is sensitive and psychic and there will be a tendency to pick on the emotions and feelings of others very quickly and intuitively. If afflicted there may be a tendency to be neurotic and irrational.


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