The Number 2 in Numerology

By Kavita Chhibber


The number 2 is represented by the Moon and considered a softer, feminine and gentle number. It gives an artistic, creative and romantic nature but there can be lack of initiative when it comes to aggressively pursuing things or pushing things through. The tide of the moon affects a person’s nature and personality with each ebb and rise in the tide according to scientific research.  The number 2 gives a nurturing nature and many men who are born under this number have strong maternal instincts. Usually there is an affinity with water and proximity to water tends to calm people born under this number.

Number 2 applies to anyone who is born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th of a month.


People born under this number are reformists and focus on bringing about change and making a difference in the world. They are also more sensitive and tuned to their surroundings.

The problem with number 2 people is often the fact that they repeat their mistakes and have a hard time apologizing. They also don’t like confrontations and prefer to be peacemakers or back away from arguments. As a result they tend to feel resentful when they are taken advantage of as they often have a hard time saying No, and often let others manipulate or take advantage of them.

They seldom make a success of something in first shot. Often they end up wasting energy and resources due to being scattered in many directions.

Those born under the numbers 11 and 29 have a duality in them. Due to the number 2 and their own number 11 and 29 being there, there are some powerful characteristics that emerge. Number 11 and 29 birth people therefore become tougher, more positive and able to handle the tough times with greater courage. They have pronounced intuitive and psychic ability.

There will be a tendency to catch colds easily. Morning walks and massage therapy will be very beneficial for them. January and February and July are weak months health wise, though June 24th through July 20th are okay as the period is ruled by Moon

Number 2 people tend to have weak stomach and digestion, and should incorporate lettuce, cabbages, turnip, cucumber, melons in their diet.

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