The Number Four in Numerology

By Kavita Chhibber

The number four is an interesting number in that I have seen many people born under this number do very well in spite of many odds stacked against them. The number is ruled by Rahu-a node of the Moon, and people born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st of the month are all number fours. 

Rahu is both dynamic and disruptive depending on where it is in your chart, it brings a lot of confusion and stress when badly placed. It gives success after struggle and hard work, but also the ability to work relentlessly and not keel under obstacles. Some of the toughest people I have known in my life are born under number 4.

People with Rahu well placed become successful politicians, and people with a unique perspective on life. Some great reformers are born under this number. Number four people will always see many changes in their life. They are protective of the weak and don’t trust others easily. They have very few real friends and will at times be misunderstood even by their closest friends and family. They are reserved by nature and prefer to solve their problems themselves, rather than confiding in others. Normally number 4 people come across as classy, genteel and the number four woman is especially deeply caring and thoughtful towards her partner’s family and friends.

It’s interesting however that number 4 people are often accused of taking an opposite viewpoint in any discussion they participate in. As a result they end up with many people antagonistic towards them.

They can be very highly strung and hypersensitive and their feelings are very easily hurt. They also need to be successful in order to feel secure.  

Number four people tend to have anxiety attacks and are prone to depression and mental disorders. They are also prone to infection in the lower pelvic region. If possible they should avoid very spicy food, red meat and over medicating themselves.

They should incorporate long walks in fresh air, meditation and yoga in their life styles and also eat more green, leafy vegetables, Wearing copper and silver mixed together in a ring or bracelet will also help in soothing their nerves Among the 4s those born on the 13th and 22nd have a greater ability to overcome obstacles since they have an additional influence of Sun and Jupiter on them.

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