Astrology: The Effects of Number 5 in Numerology

By Kavita Chhibber


Number 5 people are those who are born on the 5th, 14th and 23rd of the month. The most interesting thing that I have noticed about number 5 people is their ability to get along with pretty much every body and the way they bounce back from adversity.


The number is ruled by Mercury, a quick silver planet and it often makes number 5 people quick thinking, highly strung, emotional and sensitive even if they don’t show it outwardly. It is difficult for number 5 people to be stuck with work that requires a lot of plodding and they need something to constantly excite them. Number 5 is the most pliable of all numbers and can stretch itself but not break. People born under this number get back on their feet from the hardest setbacks. The ups and downs in their life flow off like water on a duck’s tail. Number 5 people have youthful faces and in general look younger than their age as they get older. If badly placed in the horoscope, Mercury can make its natives cunning and manipulative, and they can use their charm and wit to lie and cheat their way through life.


I have also noticed number 5 people have a very fertile imagination. As a result they can become excellent writers. If adversely affected, mercury makes them tell fibs and little exaggerated lies as well as use that imagination to get things done to their advantage.


Most number fives are good orators and inclined to scientific pursuits, the creative arts and entertainment. The planet gives its natives a duality of character and makes them often look at the pros and cons of things with ease.


By nature they have a pleasant and easy going disposition and they are always picking up things even subconsciously. They are fond of change and try not to make too many long term plans. Often when they are tuned into someone they can finish their sentences for that person or grasp very quickly where he /she is coming from. They instinctively capture the core of the discussion or the character of the person they are dealing with.


While easy going outwardly, at home number 5 people like things the way they want them and aren’t too pleased if someone tries to encroach on their territory or the way they have done up their home or organized their things.


They can get along with people of all ages and are also generous and big hearted.

Usually number 5 people have more than one source of income. They are born travelers and often live abroad or travel abroad a lot. People born on the 14th face more obstacles than people born on the 5th or the 23rd, though financially they do as well. People born on the 5th are the luckiest.

While they listen to everyone, number 5 people usually do what they want to eventually. Number 5 women should marry early in life. Most number 5 women gain financially from marriage and the opposite sex in general.

The nervous system is the weak point for number 5 people and so they should learn to relax and get a good night’s sleep. Fresh air, a healthy diet rich in raw foods, yoga and meditation would be ideal for them, along with regular body massage.

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