Numerology and How it Works
Crunching number isn’t every one’s cup of tea but for lovers of astrology adding up birth numbers to see what they mean for their future is a popular past time. In fact many astrologers combine astrology, palmistry and numerology to make predictions. One of the most famous “ modern seer” as he was called was Count Louis Hamon or Cheiro, and he evidently amazed people by accurately predicting the past present and the future through the combination of astrology, palmistry and numerology. He said his accuracy was a result of 50 years of research in the East and he found that numbers have vibrations that can be used to understand the personality of the client.
Unlike Palmistry and astrology which are considered complete sciences, numerology is just an additional tool to study someone’s personality and vibrations. In India a lot of significance is also given to the season of the person’s birth as it is believed that season has an effect on the native’s temperament. Many astrologers also study physiognomy of their client and combine it with numerology to do a more thorough story. Many astrologers believe each person has numbers that he or she is compatible with, and those numbers should be used to enhance the positive vibrations around him/her.
Each alphabet adds up to a number, so people add alphabets to their names at the recommendations of their astrologers to make it vibrate better with their birth or destiny numbers. Many others check numbers of the houses they move into to ensure the house is in harmony with their birth number and that their stay there will be auspicious.
The power numbers are the numbers 1 to 9 and each number is also represented by a planet. Foe example the number 1 is represented by the Sun, the number 2 by the Moon, 9 by the planet Mars and so on. All other double digits become compounds of the numbers 1 to 9. Zero in numerology has no value.
Odd numbers are considered masculine, even numbers feminine. As in astrology some numbers are friendly and others oppose each other.
According to most numerology experts, a person is influenced by numbers in more than one way-the psychic number is the birth number, the destiny number is the total sum of your date of birth and the name number is the sum of the number derived after calculating and adding each alphabet in your name.
So if Mr. X was born on 15 June 1970-his psychic number is 1+5=6-number 6. His destiny number will be the sum of his total date of birth.
The psychic number is the most significant. The destiny number becomes more powerful after mid thirties and is supposed to carry the results of our past karmas. The name number usually has an effect on one’s social interaction and after marriage it is essential to make sure the married name also adds up to a harmonious number. All numbers have specific energies and vibrations attached to them, and supposedly have both a positive and negative side to them.
Some numbers have positive vibrations as psychic numbers. Other numbers have negative vibrations as destiny numbers, so all three numbers –psychic, destiny and name numbers must be studied to decide the positive and negative vibrations for the person.
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