Astrology - Part V

The Effects of Planets in Signs

By Kavita Chhibber

The relationship between planets, the signs and the houses they are positioned in and how they aspect each other plays an important part in determining a person’s mental and psychological make up and which aspects of his/her life will be affected adversely or positively.


The following are the effects of Sun’s placement in Aries through Virgo.


Sun in Aries: makes a person aggressive, energetic and impatient, impulsive and usually wanting to do things independently. People with this combination are usually competitive, good leaders and refuse to admit defeat.


Sun in Taurus: gives determination and power, success in business related to clothing perfumes and object d’arts, and a fondness for luxury and material acquisitions. It also gives an appreciation of beautiful things, a need for security and a tendency to burden oneself with problems of others. There will be a tendency to eye and dental ailments and such people have a lot of stamina to handle stress.


Sun in Gemini: this placement gives the ability to think fast and act swiftly, a great thirst for knowledge, a great ability to write and communicate well, and moodiness. Variety is the spice of life for such people. There will be a tendency to be highly-strung and depressed if things do not go their way. However, people with this position are very reliable in a crisis because of ability to think fast. It gives a fondness for travel, little attachment to material things and a tendency to be unconventional.


Sun in Cancer: this placement makes people very sensitive and family oriented, and the need for security is so strong that such people will do any thing to establish and serve that security. People with this placement are thrifty but complex, strong and vulnerable at unexpected moments, usually diplomatic but when upset very childish and stubborn. They are excellent parents, and masters in the art of passive resistance. There will be a tendency to get tired quickly and to bear heavy family responsibilities and to suffer from imbalance of bile and phlegm in the body.


Sun in Leo: this gives great generosity, and good luck, integrity as well as great popularity with the opposite sex. At times, their outspokenness can get them into trouble. There is a dislike of repetition and a desire to be well liked. Women born with this combination tend to dominate the relationships and most people with this placement are practical, philosophical, spiritual, inspirational and enthusiastic, which often lands them in public offices.


Sun in Virgo: this placement makes people very meticulous, detail oriented and efficient, and they bring order out of chaos. At times, such people will be over analytical and too engrossed with trivialities. Most people with this placement often become inclined to service oriented jobs and are perfectionists when it comes to finding life partners. As a result, a lot of them stay single or marry late. There will be a flair for writing, painting and math, literature as well as music.

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