Astrology - Part XIV

The Effects of Planets in Different Houses

By Kavita Chhibber

Given below are the general effects of the Sun when placed in different houses. The effects may change due to the aspect and conjunction of other planets on the sun and also by the sun’s strength and weaknesses by degree and placement. Those calculations are complicated to understand and are not being given here.

Sun in the first house: The sun rules energy and a good placement here will give a healthy constitution, success and good fortune. It gives generosity, pride, ambition and a good will power. It can give some eye trouble and inclines one to baldness, headaches and head injuries or trouble in the upper part of the head. At times health is indifferent during childhood unless other planets are strong.

Sun in the second house: It gives a lot of wealth but if the sun is weak the person can face legal troubles and property losses, disrupted education, dental ailments and disturbed family life. It gives gains from metal, especially copper and gold. When well placed it gives a high status in society.

Sun in the third house: It makes the person confident and determined as well as wealthy and full of courage. There may be some tension with relatives and a sibling may die prematurely. There will be gains from business.

Sun in the fourth house: If the sun is weak then trouble in the chest area, disrupted education, domestic tensions and trouble to mother are indicated. The early part of life will be influenced by strong family ties. If the sun is strong it will give gains from government and real estate and a sound education.

Sun in the fifth house: If weak it gives miscarriage/abortion to wife with first pregnancy, or premature death of a male child as well as stomach problems. If strong, it gives good luck, success through partnerships, and travel as well as in a legal career.

Sun in the sixth house: It gives strength, wealth and fame, good digestive powers and a strong sex drive, gains from partnerships. The spouse’s health may be affected adversely unless the partner’s horoscope is strong and can override the effect.

Sun in the seventh house: Success in a public career, rise through cooperative ventures and through wife if sun is well placed. If sun is badly placed, it gives losses and tensions of all kinds in personal and professional life.

Sun in the 8th: house: It gives more daughters than sons, affects eyesight adversely, financial ups and downs, prone to ailments arising from imbalance of bile, and private parts, heavy expenses. It makes the person religious but discontented. It however gives good health and long life when well aspected, gains after marriage, and success in later life.

Sun in the ninth house: This position gives good fortune if the sun is well placed and such a person may write or publish books. Gains from international travel, foreign residence and a legal career are indicated. When afflicted, it can give delays and obstacles in plans.

Sun in the tenth house: This position gives all kinds of gains and comforts, foreign travels, authority, good morals and success, if sun is well placed.

Sun in the eleventh house: This position also gives great success and wealth, and a long life, but possible losses from jealousy. This position is not good for first child, but gives gains from several sources.

Sun in the twelfth house: This gives ups and downs in life and tensions with father and trouble in work. Unexpected events in life will be many and gains from chemistry and medicine is indicated. It gives mediumistic abilities and the gift of prophesy.

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