How does a Retrograde Mercury affect us?

By Jagan Ramamoorthy

When dealing with planetary forces, there is a very interesting subject in astrology called "Vedha and Vipareeta Vedha" I will try to elaborate on that at some point. But for now, let us go by just one aspect out of many i.e. the aspect- of retrograde Mercury and why it is considered to be "highly volatile". Mercury will be retrograde from May 11th till 9th July. Mercury is the smallest planet in our Solar system, and has the capacity to bear heat and cold to the very extreme. In other words Mercury governs our body temperature at the very mundane level, just as Moon would control the water element in both our bodies and the oceans on Earth.

Hence Mercury, regulates or de-regulates our nervous system and blood flow within our body. Once this takes precedence over other planetary forces—about 3 times a year due to Mercury’s retrograde phases, on Earth, we face a random as well as particular individual’s acceleration in "Time-Space" continuum. Many people ask me a question-- Why do these Planets affect us at all? Because they are so distant, people assume they have no influence on us. That is not true.

The simple fact is, our blood has iron and our body is full of minerals, maximum of which is Hydrocarbon. Water is also present in great quantity inside the body. Each of these planets affect us due to these minerals inside us and the rays that carry forward the energy to us are called ’’mayookhaas"

Whenever a planet is in retrograde motion, it simply means this: ’while the Earth has already taken the turn around the Elliptical axis--- called Equinox and Quinxox (Sp), other planets are still moving in the same direction as they were before, thus Earth causes a friction in their regular momentum and path in the orbits. The bigger planets are generally not affected much by this phenomenon but Mercury gets affected a lot more than for instance Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus or Mars. Hence Mercury ’’exerts" double the force it originally requires for it to maintain its "Flow" in its path--to defeat the "Vedha" created by Earth’s going in the opposite direction.

How to mitigate this effect? First of all, Mercury retrograde doesn’t affect everybody in a negative way. It certainly depends on the relative strength of Mercury in one’s Natal chart. Suppose a person is born in a Sign/or Moon sign of Virgo or Gemini---since both of these houses are ruled over by Mercury, the native may not be adversely affected during mercury retro phases at all.
At the same time, if Mercury is negatively posited in the chart--even if the Ascendant/ Moon sign or Sun sign for that person is Virgo or Gemini, then Mercury would play havoc on their lives for these periods.

How to tone it down? If one has empowered Mercury due to its weaker position in the Natal chart---say by wearing an Emerald or Chanting the Budha mantra-- then, one needs to cut these things in Mercury retrograde time. For example, my lawyer here is a Moon Sign Leo and Sun sign Aries, but her Ascendant is Mercury, so Mercury affects her life heavily when retrograde. So, I ask her to remove her Emerald ring for this phase--whenever it occurs.

Normally I try to avoid suggesting people to wear rings/ stones like Emerald, Sapphire etc. The safest among all these remedial stones would be Coral, as it controls the aggravation part due to the movement of Mars--which directly controls human blood, semen, milk in mothers and PMS in women. I always suggest to people, that they meditate with the respective mantras that connect us to these distant celestial beings and thus we make a direct contact--and draw energy from them directly, to mitigate any deficiencies. For Mercury this mantra is very powerful and it works wonders for almost all of my friends who ask me:-

" Ud-budhyas-Swaagne, Prati Jaagruhyena, Mishthaa
Poortey, Sagum-Srujeyadhaa Mayam Cha, Punaha
Krinn-vag-stwaapi Taram Yuwaana Manwaataa-Gumsi

tvayi tantumetam"

If this mantra is recited in its perfect Intonation-- my teachers who taught me say that it might even mitigate an unforeseen death caused by a sudden retrograde movement of Mercury--if Mercury happens to be the Eight house Lord from Ascendant or Moon sign or if wrongly posited.

Many political leaders who were assassinated had a devastating Mercury, which first led them to fame and then, sudden death—even Bloody-death I can say-- Examples : Indira Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi, and Rajeev Gandhi....

A couple of things to do, during Mercury’s retrogression is to expect delays in all machinery related works, postal delays, automobile problems, accidents and such. Avoidance is the best solution for many such things. Do not wear Green/ dark green clothing for long during Mercury retrograde times. Green color absorbs rays from Mercury more than any other Planets.

Jagan Ramamoorthy was initially trained by his father S. Ramamoorthy Iyer in the Carnatic classical music style and subsequently trained under the North Indian vocal teacher, Mrs. Shyamala Daithankar of Jabalpur. Later he became a full-fledged disciple of violin virtuosi, Padmabhushan Dr. N. Rajam and also trained with Pandit V.U. Rajurkar and Sushree Malini Rajurkar of the Gwalior gharana. Ever since, Jagan has been a typical Gwalior Gharana musician, not allowing the aesthetic sense of music to take him far from his traditional style of playing the Violin.

Jagan received an MFA in world music performance from Cal Arts in May 2004, where he was a recipient of the prestigious CalArts Scholarships for two years and is currently based in Los Angeles where he is on the faculty at Sangeet School of World Music. A performer/composer for All-India Radio from 1990 to 2002, Jagan is a Durfee Foundation Master Musician fellowship awardee and the two time (2004 and 2007) recipient of the Los Angeles Treasures Award for excellence in traditional art and music. He has played violin for Danny Elfman’s score for Hulk. His violin sings along in the Trance-Traditional music album "Love Pass Filter" -- a work of Fusion music of different cultures of the world, produced by Carlos Torres.

Recently, Jagan was also invited to compose, train other artists and play ’spontaneous Raga based background music’ for the coming DVD’s for Jivamukti Yoga studios.

Jagan’s mother Mrs Gnanambal Ramamoorthy, was an authority in the healing arts called ’Spandana Mudra system". She initiated Jagan into those healing arts as well. The use of Microtones and Shrutis’ for healing purposes is the key factor in his research work, into the Microtones of eastern traditional music systems that helped him delve deeper into Astrology, musical aesthetics and cosmic vibrations. He found a rare connection between DNA structure of human evolution with the Indian astrological methods and the frequencies of vibrations, following the universal law of Spiral of fifths. Jagan has also been playing in many concerts with the Tabla Wizard, Zakir Hussein and his wife Kathak dancer Toni Minnecola in their combined performances of Dance and Music as an important member-- on Violin.

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