The Effects of Saturn in Different Houses

By Kavita Chhibber

Saturn completes one cycle of the Zodiac in 29 years. It is a very powerful planet and its effects both benefic and malefic can have very intense repercussions in a native’s life. Saturn is the main signifactor of longevity and also gives scientific bend of thought. Saturn’s 7 and a half years transit through the 12th, 1st and 2nd house from the moon chart is called Saad Sati and it can create great havoc if the planet is not well placed in the horoscope. In my personal experience I have noticed that even when it is considered a benefic for a chart, the period of Saad Sati often causes obstacles and stress in the life of the person, though the evil effects are not as intense as in the charts of people who have a badly placed Saturn.

Saturn in the first house: If placed in the ascendant in Libra, Sagittarius or Pisces and Aquarius and Capricorn its own signs, Saturn will usually have a good effect. It gives a handsome appearance and a tall, lean body, power and rise in life but at a later age. The nature is quiet and dignified and such people don’t waste their time in frivolities. They are fair, loyal and intellectually inclined.

When afflicted in the first house, it gives obstacles and stresses along with heavy responsibilities and a melancholic nature very early in life. There is mistrust of others, and such a person has a hard time trusting others. The nature can be self centered and the person will have to struggle a lot in life.

Saturn in the second house: Unless well placed, in its own house or in exaltation, Saturn brings the person minimum gains for huge amounts of efforts. It affects personal, academic and professional life adversely, gives health troubles on the upper part of the body. The person can be pretty stingy.

If well placed it gives gains from real estate, metal, and investment in oil and coal as well as mining projects. The person will be farsighted and sensible.

Saturn in the third house: When well placed it gives gains, a strong and focused mind and a flair for math and science. There may be some ear trouble in later years and a tendency to be reclusive. This placement of Saturn in a male chart can affect birth of children and give difficult pregnancies or abortions to wife, unless the wife’s chart is powerful and nullifies the weakness. There may be differences with relatives, trouble through the written words and health when not well placed.

Saturn in the fourth house: Even when well placed it can give sudden losses, heavy responsibilities, and interrupted education. It affects mother’s health negatively, making her ailments chronic. If Saturn is retrograde it gives marital troubles, and tensions from employees and children, especially in foreign land.

If Saturn is well placed and aspected by rulers of the 2nd, 7th and 11th house, one will be very rich, long lived and may become a successful diplomat abroad.

Saturn in the fifth house: This placement affects progeny. It may delay their birth or the person may have adopted children. It gives more female than male children. This position gives grief in love affairs, attraction to people much older in age, losses through speculative ventures. If Saturn is well placed, then the bad effects are minimized.

Saturn in the sixth house: This position gives a flair for science, and success in technical, medical and health care industry. It gives gains through contract work, projects, great financial and political success. Saturn in the sixth house is normally considered good, unless badly afflicted. Then it can give chronic health troubles.

Saturn in the seventh house: If well placed it gives a mature and sensible, well educated partner with whom the person and expect stability and harmony in life. It also gives gains from partnerships with others and contractual and mediation work, along with tremendous success and reputation all over the world and political success. If afflicted it can even cause death to spouse or self, give turbulence in personal life and losses in cooperative ventures. It can give delay in marriage and disappointments in love.

Saturn in the eighth house: Saturn in the 8th house can give respiratory troubles and heavy responsibilities in life. When well placed it makes the person responsible for the financial success and well being of others in jobs that require such things. Badly placed it can give all sorts of legal troubles and liabilities. It gives the person psychic and mediumistic abilities and mystic experiences.

Saturn in the ninth house: When well placed this placement gives great success in the legal, scientific and publishing world. It gives a philosophical mind and a desire for achieving success through the traditional tools. Such people are founders of charitable institutions. When afflicted, it can give a tunnel vision and extreme rigidity in looking at life. It also gives losses abroad, and accidents when traveling.

Saturn in the tenth house: A well placed Saturn gives great success professionally but also a sudden rise and fall in life. If joined with a benevolent Jupiter, it gives wide spread success in anything the person chooses to do in life. This is a good placement for being self employed, in politics as well as business and in acting, especially if Saturn is joined with Venus in Libra or Taurus.

Saturn in the eleventh house: Saturn in the eleventh house gives gains from friends in high places and group activities. It creates a great path for self development and intellectual growth through meeting like minded people. If afflicted it gives sorrows from male relatives and stresses in personal life. Financially there are major ups and downs.

Saturn in the twelfth house: This placement if afflicted gives secret adversaries who work towards the person’s downfall. It gives unexpected losses, eye troubles and chronic health problems in the body part ruled by the 12th house. It gives expensive litigations and troubles to maternal relatives. The nature of the person is secretive and reclusive. There will be tendency towards melancholia and depression.

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