Astrology - Part XVI

The Effects of the Sun in Different Houses

By Kavita Chhibber

Following Are the effects of the placement of the Sun in different houses.

Sun in the first house: Sun is a great source of positive energy and if well placed in the first house gives great vitality and strength to the person. It gives courage, generosity, pride and self respect, as well as success and strong ambition. If afflicted, for men sun in the first house usually gives a tendency to thinning hair and affects eye sight adversely.

Sun in the second house: In the second house when well placed the sun gives gains from metals and from people in high places. If afflicted it will give dental troubles and a tendency to stammer, harshness in speech and stress in family life.

Sun in the third house: If well placed gives intelligence and courage, fame and successful travels, a creative and resourceful mind. A sibling may die prematurely and stress on account of mother may affect relationship with her.

Sun in the fourth house: This position of sun if strong gives good education, acquisition of property and gains from real estate, medicine and scientific pursuits. It makes one family oriented. If badly placed gives early onset of heart disease and trouble to maternal relatives and opposition from good friends and family along with losses from partnerships.

Sun in the fifth house: This gives limited number of children or none at all depending on the strength of the chart. It also gives a tendency to stomach troubles. When well placed it gives wealth and gains from speculative ventures.

Sun in the sixth house: Gives success and triumph over ill wishers, wealth and good digestion. It also gives gains from partnerships and success in anything related to charitable and social work. There may be sudden expenses and spouse’s health may be affected when not strongly placed. Overall in general this is a good placement when sun is strong.

Sun in the seventh house: If well place gives a good marriage and success in partnerships and in any public oriented work and lot of foreign travels. If afflicted stress in married and business life, losses from partnerships.

Sun in the eighth house: Gives good health and if well aspected steady rise in fortune after marriage, fortune through inheritance or legacy and a strong ethical nature. If afflicted, affects eyesight, gives private organ ailments, and makes one prone to respiratory troubles, accidents, sudden or premature death.

Sun in the ninth house: It makes one charitable and god fearing, gives good fortune and foreign travels and makes one a published author. Gains from sea products or travel related profession, some tension on account of paternal relatives. Gains in foreign land.

Sun in the tenth house: This gives good progeny, and high profile career and life. Great intelligence and success in anything he wants to do, success in life is steady-some trouble to or on account of maternal relatives. Great success abroad. If badly placed obstacles, and changes and losses through ill wishers.

Sun in the eleventh house: If well placed gives immense wealth and success but the placement may adversely affect the first child. This placement when strong gives gains from friends. When afflicted, it creates misunderstandings and troubles with friends.

Sun in the twelfth house: Creates trouble in academic and professional life, gives liver infections, and eye troubles and tension to or on account of father and paternal relatives. Sudden setbacks, legal tensions and unexpected happenings.

When well placed, gives gains from science subjects and strong intuitive abilities.

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