How to use new media for internet marketing

By Matt Welsh

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Most businesses are not aware of all of the online platforms available to drive visitors to their website and increase sales. Most new media is relatively inexpensive, user friendly and allows businesses to directly interact with their customers. The following is list is five tips for how to use new media for internet marketing.

1. Start a blog

A blog is a great tool for marketing your product or service online because it increases your website’s rank in search engines and keeps visitors wanting to come back to your website on a daily basis for more information. In order to build an audience for your blog, the most important thing to remember is to provide well written content that is valuable to your visitors. A blog brings back visitors because it gives them a forum to discuss and interact with the content and allows them to create additional content for your website. The constantly new content being created on a blog increases a website’s rank in a search engine for that particular topic which also drives new visitors.

2. Post comments in other blogs

Posting comments on other blogs can drive traffic to your own site because you can leave a link to your website after your comment when you ‘sign’ your name. The important thing to remember with this strategy is authenticity. For example, if you are going to participate in other people’s blogs, it is important to leave detailed comments that actually relate to the topic of the blog post rather than simply leaving a generic comment such as “brilliant post”. Most people who have blogs meticulously read the comments and will delete any comments that appear to just be spam or an attempt to drive traffic to their own website. This can also be a way to effectively network and build relationships with other experts in your industry.

3. Develop content for YouTube

YouTube is a user generated video website. YouTube is perfect forum to create videos that potential clients will find interesting or valuable. Similar to a blog, a fundamental component to marketing yourself on YouTube is to create a video that is entertaining, informative or inspirational as opposed to simply a commercial for your site. YouTube is also a great place to let your fans really get to know you on a personal level. For example you can create a video regarding ‘the day in the life of’ or give visitors a behind the scenes look at how you create your product or service.

4. Create a MySpace and Facebook page

MySpace and Facebook are great forums to network with your visitors and possible business partners. Authenticity is equally important for an effective MySpace or Facebook. For example, the page should not appear to simply be a commercial for your product or service. Rather, it should allow visitors to get to know who you are on a more informal level. You can post your favorite books, movies and hobbies which allows visitors to relate to who you are and not just what you are selling.

5. Write an online newsletter

An online newsletter is a perfect way to establish yourself as an expert in your field and develop lasting relationships with people who want more information from you. After developing a trusted relationship with subscribers, then you can begin you advertise your products and services. Online newsletters are also a great way to network with other leaders in your industry. For example, you may be able to offer your colleagues the ability to send a promotion to your list for their product or service in return for them doing the same for you.

Matthew Welsh graduated from Indiana University-Indianapolis Law School in 2007. After graduating from law school, he worked for a top entertainment agency in Hollywood. While working in the entertainment industry, he realized the importance of raising public awareness for emerging spiritual entertainment. This drove him to create , the news source for spiritual entertainment. He is also the author of The Bottom Line and speaks to high school and college students about how to turn your passions into your career path.

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