By Sudhir Das Kapahi

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I was there, you were there; It was a happy moment, when we were there.
The spring was there, the song was there; It was a happy moment, when we were there.

Then came the storm, And you were there
And I was there, But we were not there.

You chose to go away, I chose to go away
The destiny was there, But the roads were not there.

The air was there, but the Breeze was not there
The Birds were chirping, But the song was not there

I was there, But you were not there
What went wrong, I do not know; The dream was there, but we were not there.

I look at the sky which covered us once, I look at the moon which rained silver on us
I look at the stream which gave us life, And ask – where has he gone ? where ? oh ! where?

The sun was there, But the morning was not there
The anger was there, But the pain was not there

You were here, You were there
But when I wanted you beside me, You were not there

What is it, if not a mirage; I see you everywhere,
But still you are not there

The passion is there, but the love is not there
You are here, but still you are not there

I want to catch on to your memories
But when I search for them, they are not there

The pain is there,
But the anger is not there

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