By Arthor Journer

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This Vicious Rumor

There is a vicious rumor that I have fallen in love with you
Spreading like a tumor of bliss though, cause the whispers are true
My eyes tell my heart and my heart tells my soul
My flesh tells my ears that it has lost all control
My spirit tells my mind that it is the one to blame
My tongue tells my nose it can’t help but constantly say your name
My hands feel empty when it is not holding yours
My feet long to flow to the edge of your doors
Even in the atmosphere there is gossip in the songs of doves
That without apprehension without fear we are in love
The trees sway to tell the rose gardens about our dance
The waves convey to the rainbows of our passionate romance
The wind declares to the rain how freely infatuation flies
The cliffs notify the valleys about our virgin paradise
The rivers sing to the clouds of how we gently flow
The vines tell the oceans so all the world will know
There is a constant buzz around the world that I have fallen in love with you
Spreading like a wonderful plague though, cause the stories are true

Time With You

Time was so short and so very rare
But even now I must reflect on your beauty and stare
Not just at the charming smile or beautiful expressive eyes
But at the wonderful spirit where the true treasure lies
Every moment no matter how long or how brief
The atmosphere was lovely far beyond my belief
Listening to your laughter to your thoughts and dreams
Made me only more addicted to your presence it seems
To feel your hands your body wrapped tightly in my arms
Smell your sweet scent tracing the borders of your charms
Watching your silky hair slip through tender fingers
The priceless sensation of being with you still lingers
Time was so short yet no other experience could compare
To the joy of being with you like an answered prayer
Hypnotized by the conversations the delightful smiles
Still fills my world with warmth that spans the miles
Every time in your presence listening to your voice
The atmosphere saturated with so many brilliant shade of joys

Arthor Journer says that the paths he has traveled have taken him far from his birthplace of Cleveland, Ohio. The instinct to travel is equally as compelling as his need to write.

He loves to experience different people and different cultures. Arthor began writing stories and poems from 5th grade but didn’t share them with others. He won first prize in a writing competition in high school for his short story and from that point on looked at writing not only as a self expression of his thoughts and feelings but also as a means of connecting and communicating with people.

Journer joined the military after high school and eighteen years and many foreign trips later is more and more focused on writing. His first book The Knees the Needs the Kneads of a Natural Man was published a few months ago and his second book Emotional Mosaic is likely to be published by the fall. You can read more of his material at his blog:

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