Happy Hour

By Arthor Journer

Went to this place that promised happy hour

But I found myself drowning in this whiskey sour

I was not gay I was not happy there was no smile on my


All hope all cheer all faith had been erased

I looked around and all I saw was the echo of gloom

The atmosphere was pregnant with darkness and doom

Even the waitress had wrinkles from her permanent


The bright music could not rescue us from being down

Nobody had died there was no plethora of bad news

Our loves had not left us or any other source of blues

Still the weight of the clouds caused us all to cower

Here in this place to celebrate happy hour

Perhaps I got here too late the hour had ended

The alarm went off no more happiness to be resended

All the smiles wiped away ending the gleeful talks

All dismissed and forbidden by a tick of the clock

Tomorrow perhaps I will get here early and not miss

The celebrations the laughter all of the bliss

After a day like today I need to find a source of


Discover a place a haven to rest safely for awhile

Find a spot where my thoughts can flower

Find a place to celebrate happy hour

Indecent Proposal

By Arthor Journer

Shall we propose a toast to our tears?

For my first proposal only hurt

Perhaps you were not serious or sincere

Only a figment of imagination of my heart

This diamond precious and durable

Sits on the cloth melting from then pain

The only sparkling beauty at the table

As both of our tears continually rain

My heart is broke your secret discovered

This game a gamble I lost

For you perpetuated a true lover

But only a two headed coin was tossed

Arthor Journer says that the paths he has traveled have taken him far from his birthplace of Cleveland, Ohio.  The instinct to travel is equally as compelling as his need to write.

He loves to experience different people and different cultures. Arthor began writing stories and poems from 5th grade but didn’t share them with others. He won first prize in a writing competition in high school for his short story and from that point on looked at writing not only as a self expression of his thoughts and feelings but also as a means of connecting and communicating with people. 

Journer joined the military after high school and eighteen years and many foreign trips later is more and more focused on writing.

His first book The Knees the Needs the Kneads of a Natural Man was published a few months ago and his second book Emotional Mosaic is likely to be published by the fall.     

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