Poetry By Arthor Journer

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Passion's Storm

My heart beating in time with the falling rain
Tides of passion expanding at the appearance of this lunar sphere
All attempts to quell my emotions are efforts in vain
The wind whispers to the world the joy of you and I here
Trees shake off their moist blanket from the brief shower
Ghosts and skeletons from the past finally subdued
As atmosphere free for love to spring to vault to flower
As our thoughts exposed our souls vulnerable and nude
Night is pregnant with faint hearts and blossoming eyes
Our arms full of the shapes and colors of love
The stars smile far away in dark poetic skies
And clouds act as curtains from above
Crickets and frogs compose a symphony for our dance
The scent of a fresh rain a baptized world fills the air
The soils of our flesh are fertile for romance
Our time together an answer to yesterday’s prayers
Paradise found in the warmth of your arms hold
Peace discovered in the taste of your kiss
Shy thoughts desires now arise confident and bold
My heart has found the source of bliss
The soft words gentle touches are kindling on the fire
Sparks of dreams swim in the moon beams
Every cell aches with boundless desire
As the night expands the shores of love streams
Each breath only fuels the raging fire
These paths of beauty we try to trace
The baths of charms like vats of gold
What pleasures we find in the curves of our face
What treasure our senses now behold

She Rescues Me


City lights cast a faint shadow on my clocks
But their illumination is emitted in vain
For my flowers reside deep inside this box
And are covered in a shroud of pain
The streets offer some console to my head
For they present a predestined path to roam
Floating on the things she did words she said
Telling my soul it has finally found its home
The dark clouds are lifted from my eyes
My wings are united my thoughts can flow
Her touch puts rainbows in my skies
And given my heart a peace it has come to know

Paradise Found In You


Dreams of her make my mind stand still and stare
For many beauties I have seen but none are as fair
The delicious delightful emotions once again appears
Burying the moisture of long forgotten fears
Thoughts of her smile send joy through my veins
For the sun is bright yet only she can warm my brain
The dancing laughter the tender sweet kiss
Casts all fear away and fills my heart with such bliss
Echoes of her voice touch the shores of my soul
Causing them to expand and loose control
Lost in the deepness of her charming eyes
Is the path to peace the promise of paradise

He loves to experience different people and different cultures. Arthor began writing stories and poems from 5th grade but didn’t share them with others. He won first prize in a writing competition in high school for his short story and from that point on looked at writing not only as a self expression of his thoughts and feelings but also as a means of connecting and communicating with people. 

Journer joined the military after high school and eighteen years and many foreign trips later is more and more focused on writing. His first book The Knees the Needs the Kneads of a Natural Man was published a few months ago and his second book Emotional Mosaic is likely to be published by the fall. You can read more of his material at his blog: http://write2art.blogspot.com/

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Arthor Journer says that the paths he has traveled have taken him far from his birthplace of Cleveland, Ohio.  The instinct to travel is equally as compelling as his need to write.

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