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By Ifti Nasim

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Post 911
is like a Turkish bath.
Everybody is naked,
Checked with a magic wand
He was standing in line
Security guard checked his name
“Please come this way.”
He went in this box
Security guard put his magic wand
All over his body
He felt a strange sensation between his legs
He was scared and exited
He was only sixteen for god sake
That magic wand checked him for two three times
Then security guard frisked him
Between his legs
“Hands up. He has a dangerous weapon.
He has a sawed off gun”
Security guard was screaming.

Ifti Nasim
February 12, 2010

IFTI NASIM is an Urdu-language gay poet who lives and works in Chicago, where he was inducted in 1996 into the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame. He is the author of two collections of Urdu poems and has received both an honorary doctorate from the World Peace Academy and the R.N. Tagore Award.


By Rungeen Singh

(A Kavita Media Presentation. Please email comments here.)

All she has to do
is throw away
her encumbering timidity
and fill it to the overflowing brim
with bold confidence
for which a whiff of ruthlessness
could be added
to the flood of courage
that could submerge all the fears
that always terrorized her
and add
the spice of practical logic
into her emotional heart.
Women have
the tensile strength
and capability
to bear children and create life
so the rest of tasks for her
are a mere triviality…
She can manage a home
and construct with patience
the character of her child
so the rest of the problems
is putty in her hands…
Give her a gun and she will fire
To protect her family she will fight
As a nurse she will never tire
Give her a pen and she will write
She excels in every discipline, in every role…
She certainly deserves empowerment…

Rungeen Singh has been a writer since 1992 and an English teacher since 1972. She has written English story books and poems for children, short stories, poems and articles for various Magazines & Newspapers. Rungeen is a Life member of Association for Writers and Illustrators for Children. She lives in India. You may write to her at

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