Poems by Arthor Journer

Messages in the Sand

Traced my footsteps to the point where my heart fell

Waves eat my imprints on the saturated sand

It still is easy to love you but hard to love you well

Yet where the water takes my paths is hard to


The rising sun glistened like freshly polished gold

The message in the bottle tells the story of you and


But sometimes the ocean can be so callous and cold

Revealing that I am only a slave convinced he is free

Every crest brings faint memories of us

But like a sand castle that the waters have drowned

The fine borders that separate states of love and lust

Have gently in the sand been written down

Each crashing wave jumbles the scripted words

The picture becomes less and less clear

Phrases like the grains of sand are mixed and stirred

Yet the past can not be convinced to reappear


Phantoms of Delight 

Skin shivers with the whispers of the coming night

Behind trees and shadows emerge phantoms of delight

They sing the pleasures of touch and taste

The rhythm and smells of love so chaste

Clouds dance to the charm of the waves

Ideas take flight for hearts to misbehave

Stars explode like fireworks filling the heavens with


The atmosphere is pregnant from the phantoms of


There are no distractions of space or time

Only a sweet melody that saturates the mind

Veins beat a dramatic intense chorus

Even the wind can not help but to adore us

Entranced by our touch mesmerized by our plight

We waltz through the air with these phantoms of


Snug in our cocoon that we have made

The two of us celebrating the foundations we have laid

Secured by anchors and rudders that keep us on course

Naturally swaying and drunk from love’s force

Our feet on the ground yet our souls take flight

Here enjoying the company of these phantoms of delight

Arthor Journer says that the paths he has traveled have taken him far from his birthplace of Cleveland, Ohio.  The instinct to travel is equally as compelling as his need to write.

He loves to experience different people and different cultures. Arthor began writing stories and poems from 5th grade but didn’t share them with others. He won first prize in a writing competition in high school for his short story and from that point on looked at writing not only as a self expression of his thoughts and feelings but also as a means of connecting and communicating with people. 

Journer joined the military after high school and eighteen years and many foreign trips later is more and more focused on writing. His first book The Knees the Needs the Kneads of a Natural Man was published a few months ago and his second book Emotional Mosaic is likely to be published by the fall.   

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