The Shattered Mirror of our Soul...
By Sita Rhodes

They say that our eyes are a mirror of our soul
and yet we don't see this to be real
or do we knowingly blank this scene
in an attempt to hide behind our sins and
pretend not to know that our soul actually exists
to part-take in life's unfaithful dreams.

Knowing a wrong and playing to its desire
is so easily attained in an effort to achieve intensity
of gain to explore those emotions of ecstasy.

Although we often question our wrongs,
we refuse to sit as judge in our life's own court
for it is very easy to ignore these wrongs and
simply take the course of less burden and abort.

Ultimately we will have to face the larger court of disgrace
and admit the path we chose to take in a life of effortless part-take
and face the shame in our eyes when we try to see through
the shattered glass that held the image of our soul,
leading a path to HIS grace.

Love & Lust
By Sita Rhodes

They say that there is a fine line between love and lust
but to feel both in one's love life is a wonderful thing.
We are fortunate that we feel this way for I know our
love for each other must also be followed closely by
Lust to spice our love life to greater heights.

Boredom is often the plague of life and I don't ever
Want to feel this with you. You and I will have a life of
Love, filled with thoughts of lust, private through and

Submissive I shall be to a point of degree, enough to
satisfy your inner spree. Ask me what your lust would
seek and so it will be, induced with love, you will see.

Let's make a promise to respect each one and also our
hearts' desires; to achieve the sense of total bliss in our
love's lust will be our ultimate gift to walk this fine line
with such a lift.

So what do you say, my love in life that you would
totally agree with me?

Sita Rhodes was born in Kenya, East Africa and raised in South West of London following Kenya’s war of independence, Sita Rhodes credits her father’s steadfast beliefs, faith, wisdom and integrity as well as a close circle of family, friends and influential strategic advisors for the many successes she now enjoys.  As an independent and single mother of a beautiful 22 year old daughter, Anjali and seasoned professional woman, Sita serves as the Corporate Secretariat for Cemex, one of the world’s largest successful producers of cement, ready-mix concrete and aggregates.  She is also an avid interest in real estate.

Sita’s love of writing poetry and its inspiration began during a turning point in her life in 2003.  Putting pen to paper, she took her first step on her new journey as a poet. 

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