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Cover Story:

"Passing Through:
Visiting Troy Davis’s hometown with Martina Correia". Troy’s sister Martina gives a tour of historic Savannah and the controversial crime scenes.

** NEW **
France shows “solidarity” with death row inmate Troy Davis (AJC)

** NEW **
Justices Delay Death Row Inmate’s Appeal (CNN)

 ** NEW **
CNN’s T.J. Holmes talks with the sister of convicted cop killer Troy Davis; his case is on appeal to the Supreme Court. (CNN)

** NEW **
Give Troy Davis a New Trial  (AJC)

** NEW **
Troy Davis Case Gets Another Look (WTOC Savannah)

** NEW **
Chatham County DA Larry Chisolm has decided to take tally of calls in support of Troy:
Fax: (912) 652-7328 & (912) 447-5396 or Email:

** NEW **
NAACP President Visits Savannah in Support of Troy Davis (Savannah Tribune)

** NEW **
John Berendt (Author of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"): Why the Rush to Execute Troy Davis? (Savannah Morning News)

** NEW **
Troy Davis must not be Executed (Ben Jealous)

** NEW **
Troy Davis mentioned in Tehran Times "Fear Rules" (Paul Craig Roberts)

* NEW **
Troy Davis Is Innocent, say Congressman Lewis, Johnson (Atlanta Progressive News)

Justice Undone: Death Penalty Case Deserves Court Review (HeraldTribune.com)

Death Penalty Disgrace - An Op-Ed by Bob Barr (NYTimes)

Presidential Pardon for Troy Davis?  (AJC)

Please join the online campaign to STOP THE EXECUTION! FREE TROY DAVIS NOW! YOUR EMERGENCY ACTION IS NEEDED NOW!   Click HERE to Fill in Online Form

Cover Feature:

Between Life and Execution: The Troy Anthony Davis story - Kavita shares Troy’s story, an interview with him and her meeting him in jail.

Read Kavita’s Exclusive Interview with Troy Davis

Lock ‘em up, break em down - Gautam Narula’s poem against capital punishment, dedicated to Troy Anthony Davis

Troy’s case subject of International Human Rights Competition


2008 People of Impact: Martina Correia the Crusader

Cover Story:

The Fascinating World of Pranic Healing - Part II
What in the world is it?

The second in a Multi-part Series by Kaveta A Chhibber

The Fascinating World of Pranic Healing - Part I

Must read articles that will change the way you look at healing.

Business and Technology:

 Vivek Wadhwa gives some advice on how to foster tech entrepreneurship.

Youth Column:

Gautam Narula’s essay "Why we should save Troy Davis".

Legal Column:

 Attorney Scott Greenfield’s latest commentaries: "So You Think You Can Judge." Also: "Was it the Cop or the Taser?"

Matt Welsh looks at JD Salinger’s copyright lawsuit.

Maestro’s Column:

Sarod Maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan reflects on his "Melodic Journeys".

Words of Wisdom:

Ma Karunamayi explains that the language of God is silence.


 Director Shekhar Kapur shares two poems.

Featured Writing:

** NEW **
Huzaima Bukhari and Dr Ikramul Haq celebrate the close friendship, humanity  and influence of Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda and Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

Exclusive Interview:

Kaveta A Chhibber talks to Physician and Master Pranic Healer Dr Glenn Mendoza

Featured Writing:

Frank Huzur believes Rahul Gandhi is not a Peter Pan any more.

Desh Kapoor asks "What if Women Controlled the World?"

Kristin Masterton examines Qigong meditation as a method to transform sorrow.

Usha Balakrishnan offers tips on fall prevention for home-based Seniors.


 Huzaima Bukhari & Dr. Ikramul Haq argue that corruption and democracy do not go hand in hand.


Anoushka Shankar writes about what it’s like to inherit her father’s legacy. 

Sadhguru Speaks:

Sadhguru believes that "worldy affairs" are a matter of choice.


A short story by Rungeen Singh: "Two Strands of Grey and a Wrinkle... The Last Straw"

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Join Dr Deepak Chopra’s noble initiative: I take a Vow - Nonviolence in Thought, Speech and

Mansour Urges Mediterranean Unity

Another Victory for California Sikhs: Richmond (CA) Police Department Welcomes Sikh American Police Officers; SALDEF Hopeful that Other Police Departments Will Follow Suit

National South Asian Organization Applauds Introduction of Legislation Reuniting Immigrant Families

For Obama and Netanyahu: 2009, a Year of Regional Hopes & Challenges

U.S. Congressman Amplifies Sikh American Voice in Congress

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