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 Cover Feature:

Remembering Hrishikesh Mukherjee on his 86th birth anniversary. Kavita talks to family members.

Special Webcast: 

Fans sing songs from Hrishikesh Mukherjee films.


 Revisiting a Classic Hrishikesh Mukherjee Tribute Interviews:


"Down Melody Lane"

 Featuring Kavita’s
interviews with living legends Lata Mangeshkar, Pt. Ravi Shankar and Manna Dey. Also featured: singing superstar Sonu Niigaam and sitar maestro Ustad Shujaat Khan.

Classic Hrishikesh Mukherjee Tribute Interviews Part I:
Screen legends Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan pay tribute along with Amol Palekar.

The Hrishikesh Mukherjee Legend Series:

Legendary Poet Ahmed Faraz remembered. Dr Atiya Baqool Khan shares personal memories of the legendary poet.

Book Review:

Amrita Rajan on Bollywood Icon Dev Anand’s autobiography and why Dev will always be Dev!

Just for Laughs:500;http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3092/2579450801_c8f54f061a.jpg

The Homo-Desi-Graduatus: Aditi Nadkarni’s tongue in cheek piece on desi graduates in the US.

  Business and Technology:  

Matt Welsh tells you how to use the internet for marketing

Womens Voice:

Sisterhood of the ill-Fitting Bras. We’ve all been there! Amrita Rajan’s befitting piece!

Bon Appetit:

Super chef and Super mom Pushpa Bhargava celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi and ushers Ganesha’s blessings with a sweet recipe!

Upcoming Events:

What’s happening, where and when.

News and Previews:

What’s happened and previews of coming attractions.

Words of Wisdom:

Kaveeta Kaul tells you why life is like coffee sometimes!

Cover Feature:

Between Life and Execution: The Troy Anthony Davis story - Kavita shares Troy’s story, an interview with him and her meeting him in jail.

(Oct 24):

Court issues stay of execution for Troy Davis

Davis backers come in all stripes (by Anne Emanuel, Law Professor, GSU - Courtesy AJC)

Rallies protest impending execution of Troy Davis

Amnesty International France mobilizes more than 250 in support of Troy Davis


Contact the company giving the lethal injection to Troy.

Doctor from France urges US doctor not to participate in execution of Troy Davis

Troy Davis, Stay Number 3

Chief Justice Roberts Fiddles, Troy Davis To Die

SIGN the International Action Center form to Stop the Execution!

Rallies in France and a Message from the President of the European Parliament about Troy Davis

NEW Articles:
Letters to Pope Benedict from High School Students for Troy Davis

Reflections on Troy Davis, the Death Penalty, and Justice - By Gautam Narula

Legendary Musician/Composer Ravi Shankar Asks for Clemency for Troy Davis:
PLEASE CLICK HERE to read Pandit Ravi Shankar’s official letter to the Georgia Parole Board requesting clemency for Troy Davis

The Troy Davis Case serves as a Reminder of Judicial Shortfalls

Read an excellent article on the Death Penalty (CBS News)

Also read Kavita’s Official Blog! (NEW 10/14: US Supreme Court Sends Troy Davis to his Death)

An open letter to Troy- A heartfelt letter by Gautam Narula, 15, following the Supreme Court decision.

Hear Kavita’s Conversations with Troy, his mother Virginia and his sister Martina

Read Kavita’s Exclusive Interview with Troy Davis

Meeting Troy Davis - Kavita’s Blog


Urge your friends and family to go to amnestyusa.org/troydavis or text TROY to 90999 to add their voices to the over 200,000 that have already taken action on this case.

Cover Feature:

A life Lost: Norma and Oscar Aviles remember their son Andrew Julian Aviles who died in Iraq at the age of 18.

Featured Writing:

Troy Anthony Davis shares life’s lessons, in an essay and a poem from death row asking the younger generation to learn from his mistakes.

On Death Row_ Meeting Troy Davis-15 year old Gautam Narula shares this life altering experience.

Adultery: a growing reality. Kaveetaa Kaul explores a sensitive topic.  

Event Review:

Kavita reviews SRJ Productions’ "Show Me Your Jalwa"

From Kavita’s Desk:

Kavita’s Editorial
for the October
2008 Issue. We are also changing the content format for the e-magazine... read more.

Also read Kavita’s Official Blog! (NEW 10/14: US Supreme Court Sends Troy Davis to his Death)

 The Maestro Speaks:

Amjad Ali Khan on his latest offering a Concerto for Sarod.


The Himalayan environment: like a stray dog on a rubbish dump. Shekhar Kapur asks "What are we doing to our environment?"


Anoushka Shankar shares a beautiful selection of pictorial memories from her father Sitar legend Pt. Ravi Shankar’s life. 

Looking Good:


Jasjit Khan at the Red Carpet fashion Show by Sushma Patel

 Social Responsibility:

So many Americans really do care about each other, and that they are stunned when they watch the profiteers undeterred as they lead the society into economic crisis. Read Rabbi Michael Lerner’s very thought provoking piece

Legal column:

The difference between Obscenity and Art - Matt Welsh takes a look.

 Sadhguru Speaks:  

Q & A with Sadhguru plus Sadhguru’s piece "To be an Emperor within yourself.


Knorr SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2008!!
India’s #1 show comes to the US.

Details at ZeeTVUSA 



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Barog’s Memory Pill - Rahul Pandita’s soul stirring piece

 Youth Column:

Gautam Narula turns publisher/editor/author with his hot new publication-The Fake News Weekly. An exercise in Satire at its guffawing best! Enjoy!


Pranavi Narula, 13, shares a poem "Headaches" and Marissa Owczarski writes on the 2008 election in a well-written poem.


Obama and the tragedy of Apathy-Dr Deepak Chopra’s thought provoking post.

Why is Kashmir important? Desh Kapoor’s take on it.

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