Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

A Movie Review by Gautam Narula

My Grade: D – 

After the fantastic first Pirates of the Caribbean, and the decent sequel, Dead Man’s Chest, I had high expectations of the third movie in the trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.

May be it should have been named Pirates of the Caribbean: At Their Wit’s End.

With an expensive cast of Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Kiera Knightley, and many fancy and expensive special effects, Disney thinks it can just dazzle us and not cover the need of an even slightly coherent plot.

The movie starts with the group Will Turner [Orlando Bloom], Elizabeth Swan [Kiera Knightley] and Captain Barbossa [Geoffrey Rush] and their pirate crew meeting with a Singaporean Pirate, who is one of the pirate lords. British troops enter the scene, and a fight ensues, and the pirates are soon off to go to the land of the dead to rescue Jack Sparrow. We also find out how Barbossa was brought back to life. This takes about one hour, so for a third of the movie our favorite character isn’t around.

And thus begins the convoluted and ultimately pointless “plot”. Throughout the story, there are apparently three or four Jack Sparrows, who argue with-- and shoot – each other. This does absolutely nothing to further the plot at all, and just lengthens an already painfully long movie (about three hours). Then there are crabs which appear for no apparent reason whatsoever. Anyway, after Jack is rescued, we find out about Calypso, a God who used to be Davy Jones’s lover and how the original pirate lords were locked away in human form.

Meanwhile (its getting confusing, isn’t it?) the British East India Company, under the rule of the evil Lord Beckett, is preparing to exterminate the pirates once and for all. Beckett has control of Davy Jones’ heart, and has forced Jones to work for him. All the pirate lords are meeting at a secret spot. However, Beckett finds this out and brings the British Armada with him. The pirates free Calypso, hoping she would, in her gratitude, stop the British Armada. Instead, she grows to the size of a giant, barfs crabs all over them (why, I don’t know) and disappears. Davy Jones kills Will Turner, and Jack Sparrow kills Davy Jones, and Will becomes the Captain of the Flying Dutchman, Jones’ ship. Together, they kill Beckett, and the battle is won.

Now that I have described the plot, let me describe all the flaws in the movie. When Calypso speaks, her accent is so thick (she has some sort of Caribbean accent, possibly Jamaican) that it is impossible to understand her at times. Subtitles would definitely be helpful. Another flaw- when Beckett and his ship are destroyed, the rest of the British Armada, outnumbering the pirates vastly, just randomly surrenders-after the loss of just one boat. There is the previously stated problems of the crabs and the three Jack Sparrows (the Jack Sparrows are in the real Jack Sparrows’ mind) which don’t do anything at all to further the plot. The movie is long, boring, and I had to constantly ask my friend what was going on, and even he didn’t know after seeing the movie three times! Save yourself some money and about three hours of time, and go see something else.

I wonder if Spiderman 3 is still playing.

Gautam Narula, 13 is a 8th grader at Webb Bridge Middle School, Georgia.

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