"Negativity in your subconscious
becomes your reality."

Niraj Mancchanda on Pranic healing and more

By Kaveta A Chhibber

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“Beware your thoughts lest they become your words.
Beware your words lest they become your deeds.
Beware your deeds lest they become your habits.
Beware your habits lest they become your character.
Beware your character lest it becomes your destiny. “
 - Gautam Buddha

He is a multi-dimensional man, but when we connected in December 2008 after I contacted well known numerologist, Niraj Mancchanda for an interview after the Mumbai terror attacks, little did I know that our lives will run parallel as far as Pranic healing was concerned. Niraj discovered Pranic healing in February 2009, while I took the first course in March of the same year.

I had contacted Niraj because I had been following his startlingly accurate predictions for some time and had been fascinated that he had predicted the terror attack long before it had occurred and had himself barely escaped by a stroke of luck from being caught up in it. I am an astrologer but didn’t realize how accurate numerology was until I got to know Niraj.

What I discovered then and now, is a warm, fascinating man who is not just focused on helping others fulfill their best potential, but has a very open mind towards his own continued spiritual evolvement. Talking with Niraj is always fun, because we laugh a lot and also because he is perhaps among the few who say the most thought provoking things.

Niraj came to Bombay to direct films, but obviously God had other plans for him. He ended up dabbling in numerology and making quite a name for himself. But that was not where his journey ended. After four years as a numerologist, Tarot card reader, astrologer and much more, he decided he wanted a change in life. “I actually wanted to work on my chakras, on my internal world, but I needed the right source to guide me. I prayed to my guru, Guru Nanak Dev ji, and within 10 minutes of my saying that, a friend of mine called me and told me to go to Oneness University. That was the first baby step where I discovered that the world’s most significant teachings are based on the teachings of Buddha.

But there I didn’t learn about chakras, so I continued my quest and then decided to take the class in the Laws of Attraction, and it was there that someone told me to try a Pranic healing class, and that they do tell you everything there is to know about chakras.

Interestingly enough, the first course I took was called, “Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul”. So I began this journey by connecting with my higher soul and went on to do Levels, 1 2 and 3 and maybe 14 out of the 19 courses offered in India, all in a span of 10 months.”

Perhaps the most important realizations both Niraj and I have come to, with Pranic healing are some very significant universal truths-truths that the Buddha observed in his wisdom. “Buddha said that everyone is responsible for their own health and disease,” says Niraj and adds, “No one goes to the mall and says I want to buy cancer. But when you do get it and when you go to the doctor he will give you a prognosis whether the disease is curable or not. But no one will dwell on the question - How and why did you get cancer in the first place? Pranic healing teaches you how each chakra controls certain organs in our body and when you have negative issues, you will absorb negative energy into the chakra. If you stay positive, your chakra will be filled with positive energy. Buddha says, everything starts with a thought and it is so true. So when you think negative thoughts you absorb negative energy everywhere-in your chakras, your body, your psyche. When you dwell on it over and over again, you will fill your chakras with it and then they start malfunctioning and disease follows soon after. Pranic healing does a remarkable job of cleaning out, and rooting out the diseased, negative energy and refueling and refilling your chakras with healthy, positive energy.”

Niraj also says, one of the key things he has learnt is that the external world is only a reflection of your internal world. “ So basically the subconscious is mirrored by the conscious. So when your subconscious says-oh this is impossible, or I’m miserable or I can’t amount to anything, or I cannot achieve this or that, the conscious mind starts to echo the same thing and the result is that what you think subconsciously becomes your reality consciously. It stops you from fulfilling your dreams and your potential.

So if you want to make anything happen, then you need to re-train your subconscious.”

Niraj gives a personal example. In January 2009 he lost a very expensive cell phone while visiting the Golden Temple. “ It was stolen inside that holy place, but instead of feeling bad, I said to myself well this is the start of a new year, and Guru Nanak Dev ji wants me to wipe the slate clean and start with a blank slate. The people who are my genuine well wishers will track me down. The ones who weren’t worth my time will be replaced with better people. That is truly what happened. I got rid of the negative people and their energies from the past and started the New Year with positive and new vibrations. Someone else would have started crying at the loss of a 30,000 rupee cell phone. So always stay positive because you become what you generate subconsciously.” Niraj says once he decided to do positive affirmations all kinds of positive things started happening.

“For example I started doing an affirmation in my mind that I’m open to world fame, and suddenly I get a Google alert on my name few days later and see that my name was mentioned in the New York Times by journalist  who was publishing the interview of another numerologist but went to my website, took my quotes from there and printed them. Soon after I started getting emails and clients from all over the world. So remember, your true world is internal, not external.

You don’t have to run behind anyone. You just have to open yourself and the world runs behind you-you just have to redesign your life the way you want-after all every doctrine says God is within you-it doesn’t say God is outside, does it? So when God is within you, that power is in your subconscious mind, then once you are given the tools and the techniques your subconscious mind will only say yes to expansion, and that happens through Metaphysics.That is why I have always been interested in Metaphysics. I actually learnt a lot from the course I did in Metaphysics from the California Institute.” It was interesting to hear Niraj say that because I find similar tools and techniques given through Pranic healing. That makes us realize that ancient knowledge and wisdom is the same. We just reach that wonderful ocean by sailing in different boats!

With the techniques provided, a new neuron pathway starts developing in your brain in about 21 days, says Niraj and when you ask for something, look at the final destination and not so much how you got there. “You may say I want a Jaguar-don’t get caught up in how the jaguar will get to you-you may win the lottery, or someone may gift it to you. But it will happen, if the techniques are used correctly. But at the same time, be careful about what you want, and the intent behind it”.

Our conversation then turned to something I had witnessed and it brought me to a question of negative energies. The other day I was seated with one of the Nadi readers. Nadi readers are very famous in India. They take your thumb print and if it is found among the thousands of old leaves they have, your entire life can be foretold with uncanny accuracy. I heard the Nadi reader tell someone that negative energy had been done on them, and that it needed to be removed. I had heard that Niraj does the same and said that most people think negative energy is all hogwash.

“Well, let’s start with who we are in the first place-we are nothing but energy and we are all part of the earth’s etheric body. And we all die. After they leave the body, souls are meant to go towards the divine light and merge in it. Those who are left behind, at times become negative energies. There are techniques to capture these energies and use them for bad purposes

If we look back and go into old teachings then "negative energy" is really dark, negative thoughts utilized by some masters like Tantriks, to bring evil or bad luck upon others. Negative energies do exist. It has been described in old Vedas. Negative frequency attracts other negative frequencies, so that is why if you don’t have negative thoughts you will not attract these negative energies. Remember what the Buddha said

“Beware your thoughts lest they become your words.
Beware your words lest they become your deeds.
Beware your deeds lest they become your habits.
Beware your habits lest they become your character.
Beware your character lest it becomes your destiny
It is really true. You become what you think.”

Niraj says it’s sad but there are many people who use these negative energies or send negative vibrations to others out of jealousy or envy and he has seen many healers in different modalities being affected by it. “You will continue to find all kind of people in every profession, even Pranic healing so be careful who you go to. I see many healers who develop a big ego once they reached a certain level and then it’s easy for negative energies to enter their aura and bring them down.” Niraj has found Pranic healing and metaphysics to be the key to internal and external transformation. “It is literally about redesigning your whole life and living the life you want to live. You can clean your home, your office of all negative energies, relationships and so much more in terms of physical and psychological ailments. And its fascinating to combine my knowledge of  metaphysics  which helps work on the subconcious mind, kriyashakti taught as a course in Pranic healing which speeds up the process of manifesting our thoughts to a positive reality. ”

In my practice, I combine astrology, life coaching and Pranic healing when I see clients.

Niraj too combines his knowledge of various modalities to bring the maximum benefit to his clients. “When people come to me, I start by breaking negative energies, if there, then correct their names as per numerology, look at their signature and make changes, work on their conscious and subconcious mind, and combine kriyashakti, which speeds up the process of the manifestation of thought into reality. I also advice crystals, as each crystal has its own power for stability,love and prosperity(taught in the Pranic crystal course). Stones really work and they have great protective qualities.  But I always ask them if they are ready to make the change, when I work with them to create a new way of life for them to reach their goals. They will have to work on their subconscious mind and they will see the changes but only if they are ready and willing. Pranic healing helps to remove the negative energies from the body. Metaphysics focuses on the mind and removes those negative energies but even Pranic healing or metaphysics cannot help if the person reverts back to thinking negative thoughts or bad habits-you can only change a person if the person is willing to be changed.

Man often creates his own rules and then believes those rules and tries to live by them but that may not be the truth. We are here to balance our Karma and many of those past life issues come to the forefront in each life. It is possible to rectify a lot of it if we are aware. In pranic healing we do tithing but we decree it, so that it becomes an investment for the future. We don’t do it blindly and you are taught the techniques to create that balance. And remember you get what you give. If you cheat someone, someone else will cheat you. If you do good, you will receive the same goodness in return”.

I also notice when someone comes to me for Pranic healing they are looking for a quick fix. when I mentioned this to Niraj, he said, “People are always looking for a miracle. But my question to them is - are you ready for that miracle? Have you prepared yourself for it, or are you letting your issues and the issues of those near you get to you and create the obstacles? When you come to learn, come as a blank piece of paper, don’t come with your preconceived notions and your so called knowledge. A full cup can only overflow, it cannot be filled.”

Niraj can be contacted on www.NirajMancchanda.org for both long distance and in person consultations. check out "Beyond Karm" Niraj Mancchanda (Numerologist, Handwriting And Signature Specialist)


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