Pranic Psychotherapy:
The Safest Anti-depressant Ever

By Kaveta A Chhibber

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It baffles me, today more than ever, to see such mind boggling numbers of people taking anti-depressants. May be it should not, because ours has become an isolated, anxiety driven and materialistic society with a fast paced life style. Human social interaction has been replaced with spending lonely hours on the internet and other tech gadgets. I see people sitting on their laptops, forwarding jokes, news to friends and family seated next to them. Not too many people go out and hang out with friends for some in person hugs, laughter and warmth. Now it’s all about email, iphone, blackberries. Gone are the days of hand written letters, and cards. So we connect in a most disconnected way.

I was just reading a couple of reports in USA TODAY where according to a government study, antidepressants have become the most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States. The number of Americans using antidepressants doubled in just a decade.

What was shocking was also to read that depression is prevalent in children as young as 3. Of course we all know that antidepressants have their own serious side effects including suicidal thoughts and behavior. Some of my friends and clients who took antidepressants, said they found themselves getting very sluggish, unemotional and desensitized.

According to a close friend of mine who works in the Pharma/Biomed industry doing surveillance: "some of the most commonly prescribed antidepressants belong to a class known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (or SSRI’s). SSRIs include citalopram (Celexa), escitalopram (Lexapro), fluoxetine (Prozac), fluvoxamine (Luvox), paroxetine (Paxil) and sertraline (Zoloft).

Serotonin is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter that is thought to regulate mood, emotion and appetite. Decreased levels of serotonin are believed to be associated with depression, so SSRI’s essentially elevate these levels by blocking neurons from reabsorbing (or reuptaking) them. However, serotonin also plays a role in digestion, pain, sleep, mental clarity, and other bodily functions so side effects are seen.


The most common side effects include sexual problems, including decreased libido and sometimes sexual impotence. Some people also experience sleep difficulties, which can run either extreme (drowsiness or insomnia). Nausea is also observed since digestive processes are affected. Some side effects go away after the first few weeks of drug treatment, but in some people others persist and may even get worse. In some people, there is a danger that antidepressants can exacerbate (rather than attenuate) depression. Therefore, extreme mood changes need to be monitored (such as agitation, worsening symptoms and suicidal thoughts/behaviors).


In seniors over the age of 65, SSRI medications may increase the risk for falls, fractures, and bone loss in older adults. Serious withdrawal symptoms (known as "antidepressant discontinuation syndrome") also occur when SSRIs are discontinued abruptly, and are especially common when one stops taking Paxil or Zoloft. These include: crying spells, extreme restlessness, dizziness, fatigue, and aches and pains. To avoid this, patients typically taper their dosage gradually, allowing for at least 1-2 weeks between each dosage reduction.”

I remember a friend’s son who was diagnosed with ADD, because he was hyperactive in class. Luckily she listened to me and chose to disregard the initial diagnosis and a recommendation for Ritalin for her 8 year old son and took several opinions only to discover her son was very smart and bored in class. The moment he received the right challenges intellectually, his restlessness vanished and he did very well. So there is also this issue of overprescribing medications, that is worrisome.

It was only when I took the Pranic psychotherapy class and applied it on some of my clients and on myself that I realized how effective it is in alleviating, and to a great extent eradicating anxiety disorders, addictions, severe depressions and all kinds of emotional and psychological issues, with absolutely no side effects.

We talk about mind over matter, and the word “psyche” gets thrown about with great regularity and yet very few of us realize that what is rooted in that very psyche, is an abundance of what we’ve gone through in life-our reactions to life’s situations, the traumas, conflicts, sorrows and as well as the happy moments and memories. Trying to figure out what causes psychological imbalances is very tricky as is the diagnosis. And as in anything else the responses vary from person to person.

There is an interesting sharing of thoughts by a psychologist who is also a Pranic healer. She says that when she became a psychologist more than 3 decades ago, she thought she was going to succeed in making people shed their negative belief systems, heal emotionally and also overcome traumatic memories. What she discovered practicing traditional psychology was that there were many who didn’t benefit or change. Many people clung to those negative feelings because these feelings felt familiar and were therefore comforting and others continued their addictive behavior even after quitting many times.

Then she reluctantly took the basic class and realized that Pranic healing focuses on the subtle energy field that surrounds our body, and gives healers the technique to focus on the chakras, meridians and the various layers of the aura where the emotional/mental systems are embedded. The healers use those techniques to remove the negative influences and replace them with positive energy. She noticed that psychological healing occurs in the energy field and used those tools to accomplish that healing.

Almost all of us right from childhood are exposed to toxic emotions and environment in some way or the other because we don’t live in an ideal world. Pranic psychotherapy helps remove negative thoughts, depression, negative vibrations in our family members and friends, in our office space, and at home. How many times have you met people who you know suck your energy? You entertain some people at home and they leave their negativity in your home space. You are in a hospital working surrounded by disease all the time, and you come back totally drained. Or often you are working in a toxic environment and then find yourself afflicted with certain diseases, and wonder where they came from. Sometimes the environment is emotionally toxic at work with petty jealousies, office politics and insecurities and that affects us pretty deeply as well.

In fact so many ailments are the direct result of our mind, emotions and life’s experiences impacting our well being and body, that Pranic healing is a must in my eyes. In fact many psychiatrists and psychologists, as well as physicians who are combining their practice with pranic healing are seeing startlingly positive results from what I hear and read.

I find so many different kinds of stresses, be it in marriage, or at work, or at school, and when a person has stress and anxiety, or problems with depression, alcoholism and other addictions or psychological illnesses, Pranic psychotherapy works very well.

I have applied Pranic psychotherapy on clients in various age groups struggling will all kinds of health issues that were actually rooted in their emotions and their psyche. And just with the first session they were totally different people. Many of them have taken Pranic healing classes as a result. Some have reduced their dosage and others have been completely weaned off anti-depressants, because of the change their doctors saw in them.

I apply it on young adults and kids when they’ve had a stressful day at school and they calm down instantly. Their friends and family can see the difference instantly. I also find a huge number of women affected by severe stress and fatigue. its not surprising because women multi-task and are the center of most families. So it is a tool most men and women with heavy responsibilities need to acquire for self healing and preventive care. you can apply it in marriages, for stressed family and friends and your kids, even without telling them and you will see how they will not just calm down but behave in a more rational manner.

During the sessions most people realize that their physical troubles are  invariably always rooted in years of suppressed emotions. The techniques are so easy and anyone can do them. More than that as I’ve always said, I’m fascinated by this energy medicine because it gives you the ability to self heal and anyone with two hands can do it. All psychological ailments that show up happen only after years of suppressed emotions, the difficulties endured by the person and it’s through Pranic psychotherapy you can see what amazing impact energy has on mental and emotional issues. And what is wonderful is that these techniques are practical, simple to follow and there are so many self help strategies given for the person to continue self healing.

If you are willing to open your mind, go beyond your comfort zone as I did, you will be surprised at how amazingly well this technique works.

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