Humans living a life of limitation rather than endless possibility

By Meena Iyer


Humans are living a life of limitation rather than a possibility. We have been blessed with the ability to experience this creation as part of one own self. Humans have the ability to go beyond the five senses and experience life in a big way. Human mind has always been in a state of doing rather than a state of being. Patanjali’s first sutra is about “Now Union Yoga”-where we still our mind into being meditative. We are all living a life of ignorance and disparity. We are too identified with the physical and our identity and discrimination has bought a great misery to mankind. The lifetime of humans is being wasted in just eating, sleeping and reproducing. Even pigs are very good in these activities. Beyond our five senses we have not experienced life in fullness. Let us look back and see what we have achieved in the past 1000 years. We have put our mind in a state of doing and destroyed the flora and fauna of nature around us. We are advancing in science and technology and this has given us comfort and external wellbeing. No other generation before ours has had such comforts and luxury. There is a whole science of inner management and Yoga is the technology to bring in the inner transformation and to experience life in fullness and blissfulness. Yoga’s literal meaning is union. There are four methods of attaining Yoga. Karma Yoga by selfless action, Bhakti Yoga by devotion, love, Gyana yoga by using our intelligence and Kriya yoga by transforming our energies. Practicing only one form of yoga can take you there but if we have mastery on all four we can become a complete enlightened being.


I would like to share more thoughts on my perception of the current happenings around the world and how we can bring in the transformation if we take the right step.


1) Devotion as the path of transformation and religion’s role around the world.


Devotion is just one way of attaining union or being in yoga. Enlightened gurus have been emphasising that just the path of devotion can make you attain yoga. All religions are predominantly trying to follow the path of devotion.


Christianity is embracing devotion through regular Mass on Sundays and promoting cultural activities and fostering peace and love. The Church was a social organization that focused on practicing a belief system. It is the same as attaining union or being in yoga. It was unfortunate that Jesus was crucified. Jesus had the potential to transform people. They did not have the possibility of experiencing the inner science.


The Pope in his recent comment dismissed the possibility of human physical evolution from lower forms of beings and dismissed science as being narrow. Pope is right in his perception and there is an acceptance of his view of life. He has a right to have his own hypothesis. The narrowness is not in the science but in our own self of not being aware of the existence. How can we dismiss science and the power of the inner science that our culture in India experienced 40 to 50 thousand years back? Our culture has experienced life in tremendous possibilities. Even Buddha in his meditation has described the various human and animal forms from his past life.


There is a cream of people around the world who were by birth born in an affluent well to do or rich families and due to certain good social situations, some of them have attained the Sadhana of devotion automatically irrespective of ascribing to any religion. They started propagating their sadhana in form of a separate religion of belief system rather than experience of life which has bought misery around the world. Even the President of America belongs to Christian faith and is propagating war instead of spreading a message of love and peace around the world. In the US there are different kinds of Churches. There is a church called “One Circle” where different religions are welcome to come and share their philosophical views of life. There is no discrimination of religion for those who visit this church and there is no need to follow any church ritual. It is just people sharing cultural views and the church encourages diversity. I heard another community is planning to open a naked church for people who enjoy nude recreation in Florida.

USA is a country where everyone has the right and there is a price to pay. The Gun culture is due to the fact that every individual has their own rights and one can see the results, in tragedies like the Virginia killing.


The Muslims are also in the path of devotion. I deduced the meaning of Islam as-“Is” means “Ishwara” and Lam in Tibetan language means “Guru”. Islam means God is our Guru. Khuda means manifestation of our selves. “Khud” means self and “A” pronounced as “Ahh” means manifestation of our own selves.


I do not know much on Sufism but there are enlightened Sufi saints who have spread the message of oneness and love among all and embrace every culture and religion unlike Islam which is strictly only for Muslims.


Our ancient culture of Indus valley unfortunately has been identified as a separate religion called Hinduism. In fact our cultural life was explored in a big way and all our teachings are about that experience of life and beyond. That is the reason our great Gurus have gone in the way of transforming people around the world and never tried to convert anyone in to any form of religion.


Today’s Indian Politicians are politicising the tradition of Hindu culture in to some belief system and the politicians and masses have no experience of the culture of life and have given themselves in to a belief system like any other religion. Devotion or Bhakthi Yoga in our culture was explored in a more scientific way and the slokas and sutras were recited in a profound manner to foster Bhakti or devotion among the peoples. The same madness of Bhakti movement has destroyed the Hindu culture in to a being a belief system rather than inner science or exploration of inner self.


I feel just by only the path of Devotion if we use our current state of mind we might not attain our ultimate potential. We have to attain other forms of Yoga like Karma, Gyana and Kriya to transform ourselves and not by any conversion of any religion belonging to belief system, but by individual transformation of self. There are only 0.10% of the population who are meditative. If 1 % of the world becomes meditative the world can change in a moment.


2) Global Warming & Environmental pollution:


We humans are in a state of doing and have taken a toll of the environment and this has resulted in an almost irreversible state of our ecosystem. We have to work hard and mend our ways and if we do the right thing now, we might get the eco balance in say 50 thousand years from now. We are not even there and there is no plan of action. Scientist are screaming of Green house effect and global warming and only less than 0.001 percent of people are involved seriously in doing something about this calamity. We have to change this quickly and bring in the awareness of environmental pollution and have at least 2 % of the people working globally to  bring in the transformation of the environment and save this planet from extinction. The areas that need immediate attention are Air, Water pollution, Waste management. We have to stop destroying forest and trees, plant more saplings, convert all commercial vehicles with LPG, Hydrogen fuel, improve infrastructure, drainage system, and encourage organic farming.


3) Global oneness and invasion of privacy.


We are constantly subject to the dualities of life and are consciously or unconsciously trying to create a union. We are exchanging information across the globe and the world is getting smaller and smaller. In this quest for oneness some of the groups of people who want to be powerful are taking the advantage of technology in invading privacy of people. I am not paranoid but I am sure big brother is watching or trying to watch everyone and invasion of privacy cannot be ruled out. One has to be extremely aware of the environment. We don’t know if a Google Satellite is invading our home or backyard. There is a constant need for information and people instead of stopping their mind in to being meditative are creating mental havoc due to illegal activities of invading privacy. Even in India people’s personal life has been invaded by spy cam and camera phone by local mischief mongers. So privacy is no more respected in countries where laws and constitution do not protect individual respect for privacy.


If one is meditative and guided by a guru he can seek any information around the world via tantric communications. There is no need to invade privacy of person. In Rig-Veda there are constellations described 20,000 years back which can only be viewed by a modern powerful telescope. How did these Rishis who were meditative describe these constellations without any eye vision? One has to take to being meditative and if guided by a proper Guru can explore a different dimension of life which is not in the current perception of mind. So new age Yogis might expand and explore their inner dimensions and discover new worlds and planets where there might be a possibility of another human life and who knows in the next 20 years we might spot a planet far way which is similar to earth and meet new civilization and open another possibility of human expansion.

Meena Iyer is a fun loving, happy go lucky gal who loves nature and the green pastures and splendor of Mother Earth. She enjoys Arts, Music, Yoga, Cooking, Tennis and Billiards. Meena is a Software professional working for a multi national company. Her driving passion in life is to lead and champion the effort in reversing the Global Warming effect."

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