Headaches (are you happy now)

By Pranavi Narula 

I fought long and hard to get out the words i never said
and now im stuck with the pounding of your heartbeat im my head

Blasting the heavy metal in my ears
my nightmares become my deepest fears

Are you happy now?

The crescent moon shines through my window
i dont understand how anyone could sink that low

you make the blood in my veins even sicker
as the light of my life begins to flicker

Are you happy now?

I’m ending the pain tonight
with the knife close to sight

The anger builds up going higher and higher above
The sadness is killing your once love

Are you happy now?

My only regret was ever telling you how I felt
My emotions are beginning to melt

Bring me to my hell
Put me in my cell

Are you happy now?

Pranavi Narula is an 8th grader.

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